Kang Has Something To Learn From GotG Antagonist To Be A Good Villain

Kang Has Something To Learn From GotG Antagonist To Be A Good Villain
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Why is High Evolutionary a better villain than Kang the Conqueror?

After the introduction of He Who Remains (a relatively good Kang's variant) in Disney Plus' Loki, fans were eagerly waiting for the next Kang appearance.

However, after watching Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, to many viewers, Kang the Conqueror didn't seem like a threat menacing enough to be the villain of the whole saga.

Even though Jonhatan Major's performance was great in the role of Conqueror, the villain lacked certain key aspects to look dangerous enough, as opposed to the antagonist of the recent Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Let's find out what Kang the Conqueror lacked, that High Evolutionary had.

One big difference between these two villains is that the terrible things High Evolutionary did were shown in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, while we are only told what Kang did.

In GotG 3 we see with our own eyes why High Evolutionary is truly evil and dangerous — the outrageous experiments he conducted on animals, his unhealthy desire to change things in the worst way possible, the destruction of entire planets, full of living beings, created by himself.

In the case of Kang, it is all talk. The evil things that Kang did, such as destroying entire realities, are shown off-screen in Quantumania. We don't get enough background to consider Kang the multiversal threat as he is supposed to be.

Another aspect of why High Evolutionary worked better than Kang, is that he opposed more powerful heroes.

In the GOG3, it took the whole team to take High Evolutionary, but what do we see in Quantumania? Kang is defeated by an army of ants.

Take as an example their telekinesis powers. Both of them have it. But they used it in different contexts. In Quantumania, Kang uses telekinesis to threaten Scott and his daughter, who are clearly out of his league, as he said himself.

Meanwhile, High Evolutionary uses the same power to teach Ayesha a lesson by holding her son Adam Warlock up against the wall. And Adam Warlock is, by the way, one of the most powerful creatures in the MCU so far.

So there are obvious differences between the two villains. While it is not clear if Jonathan Majors will continue portraying the character, Marvel should definitely do something to make Kang more motivated and menacing.

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