James Gunn Calls His Marvel Projects 'Little Indie Movies' Compared to the DCEU

James Gunn Calls His Marvel Projects 'Little Indie Movies' Compared to the DCEU
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Calling Marvel movies "small" and “indie" is quite a statement considering DC's recent track record, but its new co-head and former Marvel director James Gunn did it anyway.

Marvel and DC have been at war with each other. The rivalry between the two companies started long before they started pumping out superhero movies in the modern sense, and it's safe to say that it won't end in the foreseeable future. Both studios try to get back at each other...and their fans mirror their war with even more passion.

When it comes to adapting their comic books, both companies have immense experience — but while some claim that deciding on a winner depends on personal preferences, we can't exactly agree.

If you look closely, you can see that both studios are great, but in different aspects: while Marvel's live-action adaptations are way better, DC has far superior animated movies.

James Gunn, for one, has worked for both studios: he famously created the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for Marvel and the Suicide Squad movies for DC.

The director was kind of stuck in-between the two superhero worlds...until recently, he became the new co-head of DC alongside Peter Safran and left Marvel for good, dedicating his future to making a better DC Universe.

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Today, we wouldn't exactly expect James Gunn to say the same words, but just two years ago, when he wasn't in a position of such power, the director said something quite peculiar. Remember how we claimed that Marvel's better at live-actions and DC's better at animations? Well, Gunn claimed the exact opposite.

It was during the making of his 2021's The Suicide Squad: the director was talking to EW and, being excited, compared his work for DC with his work for Marvel...not in favor of the latter, weirdly enough.

“I feel like I’ve been making little independent movies with the Guardians of the Galaxy films because this film [The Suicide Squad] is gigantic,” James Gunn told EW.

That's quite a bold statement considering the box office results and the general reputation of both these franchises, but in Gunn's book, The Suicude Squad was way bigger and better than Guardians of the Galaxy. Who are we to judge, though? Especially since Gunn made it to the DC co-head's chair afterwards. Maybe it was his plan all along.

Which Gunn's movies were better?

Source: EW