Jackie Chan’s Father Almost Sold His Son To Make Ends Meet

Jackie Chan’s Father Almost Sold His Son To Make Ends Meet
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"We was so poor…"

Incredible martial arts skills, death-defying stunts and a charismatic presence on the big screen are the names Jackie Chan has become synonymous with.

With a career spanning more than sixty years, Jackie, born in Hong Kong in 1954, has left an everlasting mark on the film industry and served as an inspiration to countless actors and stunt performers.

Jackie’s journey to fame began at an early age when he enrolled in the China Drama Academy, a renowned Beijing opera school known for its strict training in martial arts and acrobatics. There he honed his skills in several disciplines, including kung fu, acting and singing. It was this multi-faceted training that would later become the foundation for his unique style and approach to making action films.

However, the actor's journey from humble beginnings was filled with challenges long before he established himself as one of the most famous A-listers as before embarking on his remarkable career, Chan had to overcome significant and terrible obstacles.

Even before his birth, Jackie's parents faced considerable financial hardship as refugees from the Chinese Civil War. Due to financial difficulties, Jackie Chan's parents considered selling him to a British doctor in order to make ends meet.

In his interview with Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Jackie Chan revealed that his family was so poor that they were willing to sell their only child for as little as $250 just to cover the medical bills.

However, Jackie's father's friend stepped in and convinced him to consider borrowing some money instead. Despite these early challenges and a strict boarding school education at the age of 7, Chan has gone on to achieve immense success in the entertainment industry.

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Drunken Master (1978)

Despite the early obstacles, Chan has risen to become one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry, achieving immense success and building a fortune of approximately $400 million dollars. The actor's remarkable journey from adversity to triumph has served as a role model for many young people.

Jackie's early struggles are a reflection of the difficult circumstances surrounding his upbringing and underscore the resilience and determination that Chan developed from an early age. Despite these difficult beginnings, he was eventually able to rise above his circumstances to become a celebrated actor and philanthropist.

Source: Friday Night With Jonathan Ross