It's Time For Sex Education To Say Goodbye To Fans And Wrap Up The Show After S4

It's Time For Sex Education To Say Goodbye To Fans And Wrap Up The Show After S4
Image credit: Netflix

Everything has an expiration date, even a great TV show.

Sex Education became an instant hit on Netflix after its release in 2019. The main reason for this was actually its controversial, yet compelling central storyline that includes Otis and Maeve.

Since the first season of Sex Education, their story has gone through several ups and downs. They have gone from closeness and intimacy to periods of sadness and heartbreak.

Season 3 may have finally given them a chance to pursue their romantic relationship, but then life threw them another curveball when Maeve got into the America program and left towards the end of the season.

We know that season 4 is now in the works, and it would likely try to show Maeve and Otis struggling to maintain their long-distance relationship. And with the news that Maeve actress Emma Mackey has announced that this will be her last season in the show, there are definitely some ends to tie up.

Actually, there are many fans who think that season 4 should be the last one for some other reasons too.

“I’d prefer that the show ends with S4. Writing quality really went down in S3, to the expenses of some of the characters. New characters barely bring something to the table, especially Cal, S3 Isaac and the new school president. Of course we had great moments, but I’m starting to be a little tired of “confused Maeve” and Otis mom being totally unreasonable,” Redditor NickJD87 said.

Well, it’s true. With each new season, Sex Education has introduced fresh ideas, character development, and storylines. If it extends its run unnecessarily just to cash in on its fame, it could become repetitive over time and harm the legacy of its previous highly acclaimed seasons.