It's a Tight Race, But [Spoiler] Emerges as the Worst TBBT Character

It's a Tight Race, But [Spoiler] Emerges as the Worst TBBT Character
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Becoming a mean tyrant is not a character development fans hoped to see.

Over its 12-year run, The Big Bang Theory has seen many characters come and go. Some storylines had fans glued to their screens, while others were so bad that the fandom still wishes they had never happened.

Because each character is so unique and flawed in some way, it's hard to pick favorite and least favorite characters.

However, everyone seems to agree: Bernadette has gone completely insane. So much so that she might deserve the title of the worst character The Big Bang Theory has ever seen.

As soon as the character, played by Melissa Rauch, was introduced to the show, the audience was split on her.

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However, if in the early stages of The Big Bang Theory viewers were mostly concerned with her becoming a potential love interest and her high-pitched voice, later on the reasons for hating her became more prominent.

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Not to mention the fact that she invents diseases and cures for them for the sole purpose of making a profit, completely forgetting the ethics of science, Bernadette has never been a good friend or wife.

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This ranks her even lower in the eyes of her fans than her lack of empathy for humanity.

"Bernadette started out cute, then she just turned into a manipulative, angry woman and I can't see how Howard can stand being married to her," Redditor daelite said, and others agreed, even pointing out that Bernadette slowly turned to be Howard's mom, as she clearly saw the yelling working on him.

Making countless nasty comments to her own friends and husband, and even admitting that she thinks she's surrounded by "useless idiots" didn't help her case.

Fans will always remember how sweet she was at one point, and how ruthless she became once we got to know her better.

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Another fact that made the audience so angry with her was her lack of loyalty to her friends: she was okay with and would have supported Amy cheating on Sheldon when the two of them were approached at the bar in episode 1 of season 7.

Whether you agree that Bernadette is just not a good person or are entertained by her comments, you can't argue with the value she brings to the group dynamic.

To relive some of Bernadette's greatest roasts and wildest moments, you can re-watch The Big Bang Theory on HBO Max.