Insanely Dark Polyjuice Potion Detail Makes Us Wonder: How Is It Even Legal in Harry Potter?

Insanely Dark Polyjuice Potion Detail Makes Us Wonder: How Is It Even Legal in Harry Potter?
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This fan question sounds hilarious in the beginning, and then goes very dark very fast.

As if the Wizarding World needed any more controversy, here comes Reddit with yet another unsettling question about the Polyjuice Potion which will change how you view the magical universe forever, because honestly, what the actual flobberworm?!

Let's think about it. Polyjuice Potion allows you to "assume the physical appearance of another human being," as told by the Wizarding World website. The only "danger" listed there is a warning reading that the potion is "for human transformations only."

Well, Redditor sophlog begs to differ; according to them, there is another insanely huge danger about this potion, and Nymphadora Tonks was an inch away from it.

Remember when the Order of the Phoenix willingly took Polyjuice Potion in Deathly Hallows to protect Harry from the Death Eaters as he left the Dursleys? Tonks was among the volunteers, wasn't she? Well, just think about what could happen if she took the potion while already being pregnant with Teddy.

"Would there be a tiny Harry Potter fetus inside her because the fetus drank the potion by extension? Or would it turn into a full size [Harry Potter]?" the Redditor wondered.

Laugh all you want, but other Redditors think that the question is way darker than it seems. After all, as soon as a woman transforms into a man, she automatically loses the body parts that allow keeping a baby alive, so taking Polyjuice Potion would ultimately kill Teddy (if he was already there at the moment).

Which makes us wonder how is Polyjuice Potion even legal in the magical world? The only thing that hints at the potion's potential dangers is the fact that its recipe is being kept in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library, but we all know just how unrestricted that section is sometimes.

And is Polyjuice Potion perfectly fine to use outside of Hogwarts? Do wizards need consent from the people whose appearance they will be trying to assume? After all, we're talking about privacy here, aren't we? Sorry, but occasionally turning oneself into a cat person (hi Hermione) doesn't seem like the biggest danger here.

However, some Redditors believe that the pregnancy question is not as dark as it may seem.

"If their magic can warp a bus into a narrow area, I think it's possible to do this to a fetus. I'm not sure if the polyjuice potion changes organs, I assumed just outward physical appearances. So it would appear as if Tonks was not pregnant, theoretically the baby would be fine. I assume it wouldn't be recommended, but with the Wizarding worlds seemingly lackadaisical approach to consumer safety, who knows," Redditor hopeforpudding noted.

That doesn't really help with the privacy thing, though. Boy do we love magic...

Source: Wizarding World, Reddit