How Margot Robbie Made Barbie Real Right On Set

How Margot Robbie Made Barbie Real Right On Set
Image credit: Warner Bros.

This is the only valid case of method acting.

Hollywood has too many stories of actors taking method acting too far. While some lose or gain an insane amount of weight, refuse medical care, and deprive themselves of sleep, others give dead animals to their fellow actors to get into the part. It all seems way too extreme and sometimes really unnecessary.

But if there's one person whose ways of method acting audiences can actually forgive, it's Margot Robbie and her dedication to making Barbie a reality.

It was clear from the beginning that there was no better casting choice for the lead role in a Barbie movie than Margot Robbie.

Though Greta Gerwig worked with Mattel to ensure that the film was as inclusive as possible, showcasing a whole range of very different sizes, colors, and personalities of Barbies and Kens, Robbie was the one who fit a classic Barbie standard.

But it wasn't just the slender frame and golden locks that made the actress so perfect for the role. Her whole demeanor throughout the movie's PR campaign only proved that there was no other choice.

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From the beautiful dresses and Barbie's most iconic costumes to the heartfelt interviews, Margot Robbie strengthened her position time and time again.

As it turns out, all the Barbiefication started right on the set. As her co-star Ryan Gosling told People in an interview, Robbie decided to make the entire cast and crew live and breathe least once a week:

"Margot had this pink day once a week, where everyone had to wear something pink. And if you didn’t, you were fined. She would go around collecting the fines, and she would donate it to a charity. What was really special was just how excited the male crew members were," he shared.

From the looks of it, the trick definitely worked perfectly, and the pink mood had a very positive effect on the whole crew. Not only were the members so inspired that they came up with their own pink T-shirt design at the end of the shoot, but they also managed to capture the essence of Barbie perfectly in the frame.

Barbie had its world premiere on July 9, with critics praising Ryan Gosling as the film's standout. If you want to see the movie for yourself, you'll have to wait for the theatrical release on July 21.

Source: People