HotD Fans Are Bawling Their Eyes Out After First Dragon Death of the Season

HotD Fans Are Bawling Their Eyes Out After First Dragon Death of the Season
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Everyone was desperate to see the Targaryens in action, but instead all we got was tears.

The moment that House of the Dragon ’s fans were waiting for so long is finally here, though no one expected it to be this disheartening.

After months of teasing an approaching bloody war between the Blacks and the Greens and three first episodes of nothing but preparations for the battle, the second season’s episode 4 A Dance of Dragons totally justified its symbolic title as it saw the epic war unfolding with first fights between dragons and their masters.

However, the highly anticipated moment didn’t come as a long-awaited start for the whole action, but rather something that left numerous fans across the world sobbing.

Spoiler alert for House of the Dragon’s season 2 episode 4 which sees the Dance of the Dragons unfolding at Rook’s Rest with a dragon battle between the Greens’ Aegon and Aemond and the Blacks’ Rhaenys.

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The fight eventually appears to have no real winner (except for Aemond Targaryen who may be scheming against his own brother) since both sides end up having major losses, with Rhaenys dying alongside her dragon Meleys and Aegon being severely injured and thus not able to rule Westeros properly in the future.

Despite the latter’s pitiable position, fans don’t seem to really care about him as all of them are currently mourning Rhaenys and, what’s even more notable, the deceased dragons.

The brand new episode has featured the first death of a dragon ever since Lucerys Velaryon’s Arrax died alongside his master in the first season’s finale.

Having been quick to take it to social media after the episode aired last night, fans got support from each other by claiming that seeing Meleys dying and Sunfyre being near death was probably the hardest moment to watch, even compared to Rhaenys’s fall after she almost got away with a significant victory for the Blacks.

Many also pointed out that the dragons’ last moments were nothing but a clear confession of their love for Rhaenys and Aegon. Before going down together, Meleys and Rhaenys exchanged a heart-shattering look at each other, while Sunfyre curled around Aegon as if he wanted to spend the last minutes of his life protecting his master, proving that he was probably the only creature to ever love Aegon with his all heart.

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Expressing their agreement with most of the discussion’s participants, one user added that, despite being generally against Aegon and whatever he chooses to do, “that scene of Sunfyre vocalizing and rubbing his head against Aegon and Aegon smiling is lowkey adorable”. They also pointed out the importance of Rhaenys and Meleys' scene that is “really touching and shows the dragon/rider connection.”

Though both Sunfyre and Aegon’s fate remains uncertain, the episode seems to have provided the Greens and the Blacks with a whole new bunch of reasons to go against each other no matter what.

With Rhaenyra losing Rhaenys aka one of her wisest allies and Alicent having to cope with Aegon’s inability to rule, House of the Dragon may have just teased much more atrocities and their victims for the following episodes.

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