Hidden Gems of Dystopia: Top 5 Underrated Movies That Deserve Your Attention

Hidden Gems of Dystopia: Top 5 Underrated Movies That Deserve Your Attention
Image credit: Roadshow Films

There’s almost no way you’ve seen them, and that's sad.

Science fiction is one of the most beloved genres for many reasons – mainly because there’s so much you can tell in a sci-fi movie that one cannot resist. Writers and directors can tackle literally any topic and twist it any way they like to create something new.

One of the most popular premises, however, is dystopian future in all of its forms, and it's a pity that only a few of them all become popular among the masses, while many gems remain underrated and hidden.

So here we have 5 underrated dystopian movies that you must watch if you are a fan of the genre.

1. These Final Hours (2013)

The movie is set in the “last day on earth,” which definitely adds a lot of drama and tension. We follow a young narcissistic man attending a party before the end of the world, but suddenly see him becoming a better person right when there's almost no point in that.

On the way to the party, James (it’s the name of our guy) accidentally saves the life of a little girl who was lost and was desperately searching for her father. The movie handles the eternal questions of what’s right and wrong and does it matter whether you die being good or bad.

“I watched this movie blind didn't even watch the trailer. Was blown away because I literally had no freaking idea what was going to happen. I try to get people to watch it that same way “hey watch this movie but don't read, or watch anything about it.” Rarely works,” Redditor Earthwick said.

2. Six-String Samurai (1998)

The fans of the movie think this is an iconic flick that is totally underrated, and we can’t agree more. The story is set in the post-apocalyptic world of 1990s Nevada, where a rock 'n' roll samurai decides to hit the road to Lost Vegas and takes an orphan boy with him, trying to become some sort of a mentor for him.

But of course, in order to do that, he first saved the boy from mysterious criminals, and now they have to get him safely to the music capital, which is going to be a tricky task.

3. Soylent Green (1973)

It’s always both fun and scary to watch old movies that were set in the future which is now our reality. For example, the events of Soylent Green are happening in 2022, where the big corporations have won over all the power and are literally controlling everything.

Well, not everything, because there’s an innocent cop who stumbles upon the truth about the famous businessman’s murder and wants to make things right.

4. A Boy and His Dog (1975)

It's an important fact that this 1975 movie actually inspired a lot of popular apocalyptic media like the Fallout games, Adventure Time, and even the Mad Max universe. The story centers on a young man and his telepathic dog. On their quest for food and other carnal pleasures, they stumble upon an underground society where the old society is preserved.

The story then unfolds while they try to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the boy, Vic, is used as an impregnator. Soon he starts realizing that he is actually in real danger…

5. Greenland (2020)

The recent movie starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin hasn't gotten much praise, and we think that's pretty unfair. The movie is about a family struggling to survive in the face of a natural disaster that is about to kill the planet. And the way they manage to find their peace is really heart-wrenching.