Here’s Why Matt Damon Hates the James Bond Franchise with Burning Passion

Here’s Why Matt Damon Hates the James Bond Franchise with Burning Passion
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The Jason Bourne actor revealed why he can’t stand his character’s British counterpart — and he has a really good reason for that. Righteous, even!

There are thousands upon millions of various franchises in the modern world, and counting them all would drive anyone insane. But even in this huge variety, some of them stand out from the rest: you can live under a rock and still know about them. These IPs are much rarer, and they all have billions of dollars in revenue to show for their success.

The James Bond franchise is, without a doubt, one such example. With his original books from the 1950s, the creator of Agent 007 Ian Fleming ignited the passion for superspies that swiftly captivated the planet, and with the first live-action adaptation, it became clear that this love train would not stop anytime soon. It’s still going today!

Numerous adaptations and over half a century later, the James Bond franchise is still strong. The audience is more than curious to learn who will inherit Daniel Craig ’s suit, and the plans for the new movie series are being discussed every day. It seems like the general love for Agent 007 hasn’t declined yet — that is if you don’t squint.

Because then, you might notice that some people are pretty unhappy with the James Bond franchise. And by some people, we mean Matt Damon — one of Hollywood’s most prominent A-listers and the Jason Bourne star. What’s his problem with Agent 007, you may ask? Well, he’s just way worse than Bourne, according to Damon!

“I like Bourne better than Bond. Bourne has today’s values; Bond has the values of the 1960s. Daniel’s Bond has upgraded him and brought him more into the present, but, classically, that character is a misogynist who likes swilling martinis and killing people and not giving a sh*t,” the actor told GQ.

Matt Damon despises misogyny and toxic masculinity, so he made sure his character would never be like that and made Bourne way more humane.

“[As opposed to Bond,] Jason Bourne is a serial monogamist — and he’s tortured by the things he’s done and feels empathy and compassion for other people. And Bourne would obviously win in a fight,” Damon confidently added.

While the latter addition is quite a bold claim, we can’t help but agree with the actor about the rest. Bourne is truly a more humane character than Bond, and we don’t suppose Agent 007 will become closer to modern values in the next iteration of his story… especially if the creators decide to set the next movies in the past.

Source: GQ