Here's Why We Need To Stop Comparing The Buccaneers To Bridgerton

Here's Why We Need To Stop Comparing The Buccaneers To Bridgerton
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These shows just have a very different target audience.


  • The Buccaneers is an Apple TV Plus period drama based on Edith Wharton’s novel of the same name.
  • Because of the similarities of the setting and the approach to modernization of some aspects of life, The Buccaneers has faced a lot of comparisons to Bridgerton.
  • However, fans of both shows believe that they are too different to even start this discussion.

After Bridgerton's success, it was only a matter of time before other shows with a similar attitude towards the period drama genre would appear. They may not be the most accurate in terms of mannerisms, music, or even the appearance of the main characters, but they are adapted to modern audiences and tend to serve their interests.

Since the first news of The Buccaneers, the Bridgerton fandom has been extremely excited about the opportunity to turn their attention to another show with a similar setting and premise. While there is hope to get all six seasons of Bridgerton that are left according to the books, the wait may be long, so the distraction was most welcome.

However, viewers quickly learned that they were wrong. The first three episodes of The Buccaneers have proven that the show is nothing like its counterpart. Everything from the costumes to the dialog seems to be completely different.

Of course, these differences caused many heated discussions on the web. While some defended the new series, others were not so nice. But all the conversations about these shows, their differences and similarities were completely pointless, as both were simply created for two very different audiences.

Bridgerton vs. The Buccaneers

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Before getting into a discussion as such, one should remember the origins of both stories. Julia Quinn's book series, which was used as the basis for the show, was written by 2000s period drama standards and gained a huge following over the years.

The stories are gentle and romantic, all the characters are straight, and there is no room for any more modernization than Shonda Rhymes already provides. Changing the setting even slightly to make it more progressive would ruin the whole atmosphere and have an impact on future stories.

The producers have to keep that in mind at all times.

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With The Buccaneers, however, the situation is a bit different. The show is telling a single story with no plans to change it in the future. The source material, Edith Wharton's book, is old enough not to resonate with the modern world at all, which gave the show's creators more creative freedom.

The Buccaneers are made to break all the rules of the historical society that Brodgerton follows so carefully, not for lack of research, but because they made a conscious decision to do so without hurting the story. Is that everyone's cup of tea? Not at all, but that just proves the point that any further comparison would be pointless.

If you enjoy The Buccaneers' rebellion against the laws of the period drama genre, you can stream it on Apple TV Plus. And if you're more enchanted by Bridgerton's fairy-tale romance, keep an eye out for news and behind-the-scenes updates on the season 3 release date.