Here's Why 'The Winchesters' Looks Terrible, According to Reddit

Here's Why 'The Winchesters' Looks Terrible, According to Reddit
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Is the family business ruined?

Fans already have a lot of questions regarding the storyline in 'The Winchesters ', the 'Supernatural ' prequel, but the visual aspect of the upcoming show also seems to be controversial – to say the least.

With new trailers continuing to arrive, every single one seems to be making it worse for fans. People have criticized CGI and weird cinematography, arguing that it gives off the "typical The CW" vibe, which is generally associated with cheap production and plain storytelling.

"From the trailer this is like going from The Originals to Legacies except maybe worse (didn't think that was possible)." – /Aquariusgem

Some people even lashed out at Jensen Ackles ( Dean Winchester) who is exec producing the show, accusing him of turning the prequel into a "rich man's fanfiction". Others castigated the show as "literally Scooby-Doo, right down to them riding around in a van."

Even the way Dean Winchester looks in the trailer seems to be unsettling for fans.

"on top of everything else, why does jensen look like a walmart dean winchester? is that a wig? what's going on?" – @uglyelina

And don't even get Reddit fans started on that comedy.

"The punching is bothering me too. Who in 2022 went, "You know what would be hilarious? If this future couple keeps accidentally punching each other?" – /Simorie

As of now, there is little optimism about the upcoming 'Supernatural' prequel. While angered fans blast the show's questionable quality and storyline, others seem to be genuinely happy about the Winchester family returning to screens – even though it might not be as appealing to everyone in the fandom.

After all, there is always hope. We will get to see the final result when 'The Winchesters' premieres on The CW on October 11.