Here's When 'Tokyo Vice' Will Be Available In The UK

Here's When 'Tokyo Vice' Will Be Available In The UK
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even though HBO Max is unavailable to UK viewers, they will still be able to watch the hit Ansel Elgort-led series.

'Tokyo Vice ', detailing an American journalist's descent into the criminal world of Tokyo, takes place in the late 1990s and goes to great lengths to recreate the atmosphere of Japan's largest metropolis. The series is based on a true story, and Ansel Elgort 's acting has already been praised as one of this year's best. All fans of Japanese history will appreciate the truthful adaptation of Jack Adelstein's bestselling novel, and star-studded cast, legendary actor Ken Watanabe included, will reward fans of true crime genre with some powerhouse acting. But since the series airs exclusively on HBO Max, it looked like British viewers would never get to watch 'Tokyo Vice' – at least legally.

Luckily, the BBC decided to acquire the rights to distribute 'Tokyo Vice' in the UK, opting to air the series this fall, so British fans will finally be able to watch it sometime closer to the end of 2022 (the release schedule hasn't been unveiled just yet). Even though that date is pretty far away, considering that American viewers started watching the series as early as April, it could be quite a lucky bargain for British fans. The fact is that HBO Max renewed the series for a second season in early June, so British viewers will have to wait considerably less than American viewers to see Adelstein's further adventures in Tokyo underworld.

It is not yet known if Ansel Elgort will return to his lead role, given all the accusations against him, but it seems that the Japanese really liked his acting and the fact that he learned their language for the role, so the Japanese producers may press HBO Max to make the actor stay after all.