Here's What Would Happen in Teen Wolf Movie If O'Brien Returned, According to Davis

Here's What Would Happen in Teen Wolf Movie If O'Brien Returned, According to Davis
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A fan can dream.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is what it is, no matter what fans think of unpleasant surprises like the death of Tyler Hoechlin 's Derek or Stiles and Lydia's off-screen breakup. Still, one of the biggest complaints in the fandom is the fact that Dylan O'Brien's Stiles Stilinski never returned to the screen, even though there was a possibility for Davis to include him in the movie.

The Teen Wolf creator told TV Insider that O'Brien did indeed entertain the idea of a cameo or even "a few days of shooting." But he ultimately decided not to return.

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Still, according to Davis, his presence in the film would not change the way things ended with Stiles and Lydia. The two broke up because of Lydia's eerie dream of Stiles' death, which she thought was a premonition and broke up with him to protect him. Fans decried the breakup as out of character and even refused to accept it as canon.

Davis, however, remains adamant that the creative decision was "good." According to him, even O'Brien's return would not have changed it.

"I love that speech. I loved writing it and I love the way she acts it and it's sad, but it's utterly human at the same time. It makes for a good story," Davis said, adding that he "would have done the same thing" if he had O'Brien back for the movie.

Fans, however, are up in arms online, launching hashtags like #NotMyStydia and roasting Davis for breaking up their favorite couple in this way. According to them, Stiles would never have let Lydia go after fighting for her love for so long; and the two could have easily found a way around the creepy premonition Lydia feared.

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