Here's What Was Axed From 'Moon Knight' to Keep it Family-Friendly

Here's What Was Axed From 'Moon Knight' to Keep it Family-Friendly
Image credit: Legion-Media

Marvel's 'Moon Knight' has been rated TV-14, which means that some materials could be inappropriate for kids, but the most violent scenes seem to have been cut from the show anyway.

The fight between Moon Knight and Arthur Harrow's Jackal was one of the show's most thrilling moments even though it seems to have been cut in order for the series to remain relatively family-friendly.

The first time when Steven Grant surrendered control over his body to Marc Spector (and therefore to his Moon Knight alter-ego) took place in the first episode's ending. We did not get to see much of the fight between Harrow's beast and Moon Knight, with the camera only revealing Khonshu's victorious avatar slowly turning away from the beaten jackal.

But thanks to the newly-released black-and-white footage from the stunt teams behind the show, we can now see the full scene of the fight.

However, even though the footage clearly hints at what could have been an epic fight, fans seem to be happy with the studio's final cut.

Other people, on the contrary, thought that 'Moon Knight' could clearly use more fight scenes like this.

Later in the show, we got to see Harrow's bloodthirsty Jackals defeated by Moon Knight in much longer scenes, but the series clearly focused more on the mental health of the main character and his (well, technically, their) relationship with May Calamawy 's Layla.

However, judging by the cliffhanger that finalized the first season, it would be too early to abandon all hope of seeing Moon Knight returning to screens to fight more villains.