Harry Styles Fans Outraged Over New Album Leak

Harry Styles Fans Outraged Over New Album Leak
Image credit: Legion-Media

'Harry's House, Harry Styles' third solo album, is set to be officially released on May 20, but apparently, it seemed too long a wait for someone who decided to leak it.

It's 'Harry's House', and in this house, we do not support leaks.

At least that's what Harry Styles ' fandom said when it took to Twitter with all its power to launch a massive online campaign against the leaked album, urging everybody to refrain from listening to the tracks before the official release.

All in all, we only have to wait one month.

Among the leaked songs were 'Medicine' and 'Anna' – the ones Harry teased performing at Coachella music festival – and some of the never-before-heard One Direction songs. And some fans agreed that it was okay to listen to the songs that Harry has already revealed himself.

Other people resorted to puns.

According to some fans, the leaked One Direction songs are called 'Hunger', 'Lay Down', 'Trouble', and 'Without You'. Apparently, the titles have been shared so that people do not listen to other songs, since they are supposedly from 'Harry's House'.

In a now-deleted tweet, Sony urged everyone "not to let friends" listen to the leaked songs. So if you are a dedicated fan who appreciates Styles' work, you might also want to wait until the official release, scheduled for May 20, to enjoy the singer's new songs.