Harrison Ford’s 93%-Rated Thriller on Prime Video Oozes Nostalgic 80s Vibes

Harrison Ford’s 93%-Rated Thriller on Prime Video Oozes Nostalgic 80s Vibes
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They don’t make movies like that anymore!

Being recognized as an action star, Harrison Ford made his name known worldwide with the Indiana Jones franchise. The actor is very much of a thriller actor too, and you may have seen his The Fugitive (1993), The Devil's Own (1997) and Firewall (2006).

However, there was a movie that not only brought Ford an Oscar nomination, but also displayed his full drama potential. It is still hailed by Redditors, even though the world saw it almost 40 years ago, and is claimed to be one of the best 80s thrillers.

The film starts by introducing us to Rachel and Samuel, Amish mother and her young kid, who witnesses a brutal murder of a policeman. They seek protection from John Book (played by Ford), an officer who aims to take them to safety at all costs.

Book learns that Samuel is now a target of the conspiracy that lies behind the murder and police corruption, and that’s why he takes them back to the distant Amish countryside. There he immerses in their culture and also falls for Rachel.

This synopsis already seems to be of much interest, as it blends a number of genres. Here crime thriller elements are combined with neo-noir stylistics and tender love story. Thus, the film presents a mix that is typical of atmospheric movies of the 1980s.

Besides, this flick tells about Amish culture, and it’s quite unusual for cinema history. However, it doesn’t get too peculiar for an average viewer, and the themes it raises are familiar and important for everyone: crime, punishment, roots and love, of course.

It’s Ford’s impeccable performance that glues it all together: the Indiana Jones actor is so convincing here that you can’t help but sympathize with his courageous protagonist.

Titled Witness, this flick is a must-watch for those who miss good old thrillers.

“Really underrated 80s movie <...> it's just a great mix of crime, drama, thriller and fish out of water story. Great direction, cinematography,” says Redditor @DukeRaoul123 about it.

Check out this forgotten gem, as Witness is now available for streaming on Prime.