Harrison Ford Doesn't Want Chris Pratt Anywhere Near Indiana Jones, And the Reason is Simple

Harrison Ford Doesn't Want Chris Pratt Anywhere Near Indiana Jones, And the Reason is Simple
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Charmingly rugged, capable of physical comedy while remaining dramatic, one of the biggest action stars of his era – Chris Pratt might be the modern-day Harrison Ford.

Fans have long been fancasting Pratt in a remake of Ford's most popular role, Indiana Jones, but Ford rejects that idea.

Pratt began his stardom in television, playing the lovable goof Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation.

His first blockbuster role came in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Guardians of the Galaxy. He played Star-Lord/Peter Quill, an equally lovable goof – but this time, he had abs.

Pratt's physical transformation to star in GOTG was one of the biggest storylines of 2014, and his recurring role in cinema's biggest franchise morphed his career from comedy to action in the blink of an eye.

An unknown character at the time, Pratt compared Star-Lord to Han Solo, Ford's other massively popular character. Fan theories even sprouted that Star-Lord was Han Solo's father.

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But really, Star-Lord is more of an amalgam of Han Solo and Indiana Jones – a rugged space hero who can punch a sarcastic quip.

It's not hard to see why some fans want him as Indiana Jones when Ford, 80 years old, eventually retires from the role. Harrison Ford does not want that.

Two years ago, while speaking to NBC's Today, he said that he will be the end of Indiana Jones. "Don't you get it, I'm Indiana Jones," he said. "Once I'm gone, he's gone."

Ford, who has already played Indy five times, including the upcoming Dial of Destiny, is synonymous with Jones, but in this era of constant reboots, sequels and remakes, it's hard to imagine that no other actor will ever play this iconic character on the big screen.

Jones was also played by the late River Phoenix in a flashback sequence in The Last Crusade, a scene featuring Indy as a teenager, and by three different actors of three different ages in the short-lived ABC series The Young Indiana Young Chronicles in the 1990s.

But only Ford has played the main version of Indiana over the character's forty-year existence. They have grown and aged together, and if Ford has his way, he will remain the only Indiana Jones.

And that's the way it should stay. After so long, it would feel wrong to see another actor as our favorite adventuring archaeologist.