Glee's Rachel Berry Deserves Better: Here Are 5 Scenes Proving That

Glee's Rachel Berry Deserves Better: Here Are 5 Scenes Proving That
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Don’t rain on her parade.

It's no surprise that even so many years after Glee ended, Rachel Berry is still on various lists of the most annoying and hated TV characters ever. For the most part, she's been nothing but an arrogant menace, dangerous to the people around her.

But even Rachel Berry had her moments of clarity. Especially when it came to the people she truly loved and cared about.

Here are 5 things Rachel Berry did that will make you reconsider your hatred for her.

Securing New Directions a Mattress Commercial

Say what you want about Rachel Berry, but she was not only the voice, but the soul of New Directions. She was there for the club when no one else really was, and if it wasn't for Rachel, they wouldn't even have a chance of winning Nationals. The mattress commercial was just a small step on the road to victory, but she was the one who made it happen.

Dropping Out Of The School Election

If there's one thing to know about Rachel Berry, it's that she can't stand to lose a competition, which is why her withdrawal from the McKinley High School election was so important. Rachel knew that Kurt needed to win, so she decided not to run against him, but to support him. It was a gesture of true friendship.

Helping Sam Out In The Worst Situation

No high schooler deserves to be put in a situation of poverty where they have to provide for their family. Sam's story and the circumstances he ended up in were horrible, but very realistic for many people. Luckily, he got a happy ending, but it wouldn't be the same without Finn and Rachel coming along and dragging him back to school.

Deferring a College Year For Finn And Kurt

Speaking of sacrifices, Rachel was almost ready to give up her entire dream for the people she loved the most. Her best friend and her boyfriend were both struggling with their plans for the future, and she couldn't bring herself to move forward without them. Moments like that speak louder than any argument for any solo she ever performed on the show.

Becoming a Surrogate For Kurt And Blaine

This is the ultimate form of love and acceptance. Even though she was famous and had all the opportunities in the world, Rachel didn't forget about her friends and was willing to be a surrogate for their child. Any woman who has gone through pregnancy and childbirth can imagine how much this would take away from her.