Gilmore Girls Finally Stops The Millennials vs. Gen Z Feud

Gilmore Girls Finally Stops The Millennials vs. Gen Z Feud
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Perhaps, Boomers could enjoy it too!


  • Gilmore Girls is The CW TV series that has been on the air from 2000 to 2007.
  • The show holds an equal appeal for two audience groups divided by age, the Millennial generation, and Gen Z.
  • While Gen Z finds the 00s trendy and refreshing, Millennials are nostalgic enough about the show to not find it cringy.

If you're a Millennial, the past few years must have been tough on you, as you were constantly reminded of your middle and high school years. As is usually the case, as another decade passed, fashion moved on and suddenly brought back the trends of the 00s.

While some were greeted with equal excitement by all, others caused Millennials to cringe. From the return of low-rise jeans and over-plucked eyebrows to the reboot of the entire romantic comedy genre, there is just too much nostalgia to handle (and too many ghosts of the past to run from).

It's no surprise that Gen Z, who found the trend cool and put their own spin on it, are clashing with cringe-worthy Millennials all over the Internet. The only place that was completely free of feuding ended up being the Gilmore Girls fandom. The show managed to cater to both.

Why Gilmore Girls Is So Popular

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As it turns out, both Millennials and Gen Z were looking for exactly the same thing in a show: an element of comfort. Not only is Gilmore Girls an example of a show that creates strong family bonds within its characters, but it also paints a picture of life that is long gone for the vast majority of U.S. citizens.

“Gen Z loves Gilmore Girls cause it's about a walkable community with no smart phones where everyone has an unlimited budget for eating out,” said X user RealMattGannon.

In a world that isn't much more fast-paced than it was in the early 2000s when the show was at its peak, it's very important to remind ourselves of the values that keep us afloat besides money and success.

Not only does Gilmore Girls play a perfect role as a distraction, as it allows its viewers to relax while watching it, but it also serves as a reminder of how fun and eventful life can still be, even without the added stress.

While Gen Z can appreciate the trendy Y2K aesthetic without the overwhelming drama that usually accompanies modern shows, Millennials find it soothing with little to no reason to cringe at over-the-top clichéd characters and unnatural mannerisms. This combination seems very rare when you look back at early 2000s television as a whole.

If you are now convinced that you need to give Gilmore Girls a rewatch, you can stream the show from season 1 on Netflix.