Forget Euphoria, This 91%-Rated Netflix Show Actually Helped Sydney Sweeney Boost Her Career

Forget Euphoria, This 91%-Rated Netflix Show Actually Helped Sydney Sweeney Boost Her Career
Image credit: HBO, Netflix

And this project has something to do with her latest horror hit Immaculate.


  • Sydney Sweeney owes her popularity to HBO’s Euphoria, but it’s not what really started her career.
  • Sweeney is currently promoting her new movie Immaculate by Michael Mohan with whom she collaborated previously as well.
  • The director has always seen the potential in Sweeney’s acting skills and now is delighted to see her shine.

Sydney Sweeney may have risen to prominence thanks to one of the leading roles in a teenage drama series Euphoria, but it’s not what brought her to being an actual superstar right now.

Even before being cast in Euphoria, Sydney got some acting experience in several less known projects, but received her golden ticket when met Immaculate director Michael Mohan quite some time ago.

The latter played a significant role in Sweeney’s casting for Everything Sucks!, a comedy drama released in 2017 by Netflix. Though the show became a hit among the streaming audience and was praised by critics as well, the creators didn’t appreciate everyone’s delight and canceled the series after just one season.

Nonetheless, for Sydney Sweeney things weren’t that bad — just several months later she landed her role in Euphoria.

Right now the actress is a literal Hollywood spotlight — besides being part of HBO’s hit teen drama, Sweeney starred in Mohan’s erotic thriller The Voyeurs in 2021 and last year stole the show by appearing in Will Gluck’s romcom Anyone But You that got the public's wide attention mostly in social media.

Most recently Sydney captured everyone’s attention yet again thanks to MCU ’s latest film Madame Web and to Mohan’s psychological thriller Immaculate which some of the most devoted fans called one of the best horror movies that ever existed.

As for Mohan himself, he seems to be delighted by the stunning success of a talented actress that he saw before everyone else did. As the director says himself, he’s more than pleased with the result of his collaborations with Sweeney and the last two minutes of Immaculate are his “proudest moment as a director”.

Whether the fans agree with this statement or not, the box office will show.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter