Five Vice Versa Scenes That Are Extremely Sweet From Start To Finish

Five Vice Versa Scenes That Are Extremely Sweet From Start To Finish
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One thing that Thailand's filming industry can certainly show its confidence in is the rom-com genre.

Vice Versa series is an embodiment of the word 'sweetness' (and no, this is not about Chocopie product placement this time). This is a romantic comedy about two guys (Talay and Peun) who were accidentally trapped in another universe, and to return back home to their own world, they should find some kind of a 'portal', a portkey – a special person.

Despite a generous amount of romantic clichés, brand marketing in every other scene, and rough screenwriting, Vice Versa became a solid series designed to make you feel all good and warm inside. The filmmakers have found a huge collection of romantic tropes and they were not afraid to use them all.

Here are five Vice Versa scenes that are sweeter than a snow-in-a-cup dessert from an alternate universe:

1. When Talay and Peun find the cafe for their movie characters to fall in love in

Episode 4 marked the first significant progress in Talay and Peun's relationship and their understanding of each other. In a show with cinematography symbolism deeply woven into the canvas of the story – Talay wanting to be a colorist, Peun being an actor, them writing scripts for their own movies together with friends – this whole episode has doubled on metaphors.

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One could describe the main topic of it being Fake Feelings vs. Real Feelings. Actor Puen constantly talks about how faking love is easy, he keeps flirting with Talay to find inspiration for the script but not really meaning it; while Talay takes every act of his very personal but he is hesitant in falling in love. Both of them claim they don't know what love actually is, and they seem to be on opposite sides at most.

However, as Talay and Peun start to know each other better, they slowly start falling for real, and in the end, they meet in the secluded greenhouse cafe. Just like characters in their own story, they grasp the meaning of genuinely loving someone for the first time, and the realization hits them like a gentle train. The sincere kiss is just a cherry on top of the meaning of this scene.

Another memorable fact cannot be omitted: the very obvious motif of this episode was said out loud in the password line: 'You're not a movie, you are real'. So sweet, right?

2. Any time with the Friend Credits squad is a happy time

"Making movies is miraculous. It can bring strangers to spend a certain time together. When the movie ends, we become brothers, sisters, family, and everything for each other" – Talay

Up and Aou, screenwriters and main characters' friends in another universe surely put the comedy in a romcom. Mostly used as comedic relief, they are able to easily worm into viewers' hearts with their foolish scenes, passion and desire to create their own movie, and loyalty to their group. Talay and Peun cherish their friendship, and every moment they spend with the Friend Credits team will cause a smile on anyone's face, as they all keep teasing each other, bicker, and being sweet and supportive at the same time.

Fans rooted for the team to reach its dream goal, felt sad and hopeful during tough times, and celebrated their every little achievement. The genuine friendship in Vice Versa surely deserves its own spotlight throughout the whole series.

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3. When Peun realized the real identity of Talay by getting another alpaca hat

We could say no more – many Vice Versa series' fans started wanting the white hat with the cute doodles of alpaca on it after several times this item appeared on the show. At first, this was just a customized gift from a wannabe colorist Talay had given to the celebrity actor Peun on behalf of his friend. The cute moment of Talay putting the hat in the correct way on Peun's head was imprinted in the minds of both characters.

But the second time an alpaca hat showed up on the show made a much bigger impact on both Talay and Peun. In the other universe, where they ended up in the bodies of other people with different appearances, they didn't know who the other one was in their real world. Yet, after a long time of getting to know each other and living the life of a stranger, they achieved many things and finally released their own movie.

As a celebration, Talay again decided to give his friends hats with different animals he'd drawn on them. For Peun, not knowing his real self, he picked an alpaca again, claiming his shy and gentle personality reminded him of one. The sheer revelation on Peun's face when he realized he already met the real Talay in his own universe once couldn't be described in just one simple word.

The alpaca hat turned out to be an adorable symbolic item that connected the main characters through different universes.

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4. When Talay and Peun meet again in their own world

In return, Peun gave Talay his gift – an hourglass watch with pink sand; pink being their color, and not-falling sand was a symbol of them trying to stop the merciless time. Both of them made a wish to reunite in their own world, no matter what.

However, due to an unfortunate accident, Peun returned to their world without Talay. Fans admired Jimmy Jitaraphol Potiwihok (Peun) and Sea Tawinan Anukoolprasert (Talay) for playing intense scenes incredibly well, showing the devastation after being torn apart from their love without knowing enough details to find each other in their own world.

With sheer determination, Peun finds Talay – but he still hasn't returned back to his body, and the other guy doesn't want him around at all. Many weeks passed before the two main characters could reunite again, exhausted and scared of losing each other completely. In the end, destiny brought Tala and Peun back to the cafe where they first realized their feelings. You can imagine how emotional this scene got.

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5. Peun confesses that he wouldn't be able to live without Talay

The stakes are high when you constantly face a merciless fate and have to fight two universes just to love and be with each other.

The Peun who is back to being an actor, always surrounded by fans and fame and pressure to uphold his image, has been waiting to reunite with Talay for a long time, and he's not about to back off once it happens. Even if Talay's life and relationship with Peun got ruined while they were away from this universe. All viewers could feel just how strong his feelings are when despite everyone's complaints and forbidding, Peon openly admits to everyone about being in a relationship with Talay during a very sincere and touching speech. In a selfless act, he chose love over his career. Well, he was too lonely living as a famous actor anyway.

Passionate love confession and the mutual desire to spend the rest of the life together after going through hell and back – isn't that what the happy ending of a true romantic movie is all about?