First Look: Pedro Almodovar's Strange Way of Life Trailer Has Fans Buzzing

First Look: Pedro Almodovar's Strange Way of Life Trailer Has Fans Buzzing
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Two Pedros teaming up in a Western. What can possibly go wrong?

Pedro Almodóvar just dropped the trailer for his upcoming film Strange Way of Life — a Western movie about gay men played by Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal.

The trailer didn't show much due to the whole film's duration. Some fans claim to ignore the trailer intentionally so as not to get any spoilers.

Don't worry, no plot details will be revealed here.

It must be acknowledged, however, that the trailer is visually impressive, featuring the talented actors Hawke and Pascal, along with a captivating Western ambiance and music that undoubtedly evoke the signature style of Almodóvar's films.

The Spanish filmmaker described the film as a Western with two men in love, behaving in a unique way.

The film includes typical Western elements such as gunslingers, ranches, and sheriffs, but also features a dialogue between two men rarely seen in Westerns.

Interesting fact about Almodovar is that almost twenty years ago, he was offered to be the director of Brokeback Mountain but declined the offer for fear of not having the necessary creative control.

Pedro's projects are known to be controversial. Some fans of Almodovar's works reckon that suggesting his movies to people who insist on a clear and concise plot might prove a bit of a challenge.

The thing is that in some of his films the plot is just a means to an end, with the real meat of the story lying in the ideas and emotions that it brings out in the audience.

If you're not familiar with his movies all that much, then maybe you should start with some of his more popular works.

But, if you're a real movie buff, then why not take a crack at The Skin I Live In starring Antonio Banderas. It might just tickle your fancy.

The movie is set to release this year and fans are eagerly anticipating.

Although Almodovar's movies are not particularly for everyone, if you haven't watched Pedro Almodovar's movies, you definitely should.

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