Finn Wolfhard Just Spoiled Stranger Things 5 Release Date, And You Won't Like It

Finn Wolfhard Just Spoiled Stranger Things 5 Release Date, And You Won't Like It
Image credit: Legion-Media

In case you were expecting the wait to be only a year or so... yeah, good luck with that.

Stranger Things 4 went out with a bang in the summer of 2022: after rocking the fandom with arguably the most dramatic season ever, killing off a fan favorite, and teasing the final chapter, the show is currently enjoying the aftermath as it prepares to wrap up the creepy story of Hawkins.

We don't know much about the upcoming final season of Stranger Things other than the name of the first episode, The Crawl. Netflix has been tight-lipped about the release date, but it looks like the show's star, Finn Wolfhard, accidentally hinted at it in an interview with GQ... and it's not good news.

"By the time it [the fifth season] comes out, I will be 22, I guess," Wolfhard said, responding to a fan's question online. "And I started working on the show at 12. That's insane."

First of all, time flies. Second, since Wolfhard is currently 20 years old, it looks like we'll have to wait another two years before season 5 hits our screens. The actor will turn 22 on December 23, 2024.

However, fans desperately want Wolfhard's hint to be untrue.

"I just know he just didn't do the exact math [...] I remember the interview and he just threw that so randomly, I bet he doesn't even know the exact release yet he was probably like "Oh i was born in 2002 so I'll be 22 in like 2024" and rolled [with] it," Twitter user livelaughwillel said.

Others are already up in arms, ready to blast the Duffer Brothers and Netflix for waiting so long. The gap between seasons 3 and 4 of Stranger Things was three years; however, fans are clearly not ready to wait that long again.

According to Noah Schnapp ( Will Byers), production on the final season will begin in May 2023. Meanwhile, the Duffer brothers have already said that they made Netflix executives cry when they pitched Stranger Things 5. Who knows, maybe more waiting will help us prepare for the emotional rollercoaster that's undoubtedly coming our way?