Fans' Thirst Tweets With a Twist Leave Jackson Wang & B.I Flustered

Fans' Thirst Tweets With a Twist Leave Jackson Wang & B.I Flustered
Image credit: Legion-Media

Buzzfeed's videos with celebrities reading thirst tweets always leave fans in K-pop community literally buzzing with excitement.

It's not often that you get to see your favs being flustered by compliments that gradually get crazier and hornier, but recent Jackson Wang and Kim Hanbin a.k.a. B.I videos had everyone rolling on the floor because the vibes of the artists and their fans didn't match at all.

Anyone who's seen the latest Jackson Wang's comeback could tell that this guy doesn't ever want to stop in the expression of his artistic soul. His latest song 'Cruel' already reached 7.7M views and the MV is nothing less than a beautiful art piece telling the story of a tension between mysterious hot creatures – and when we say hot, we mean it literally as well as figuratively, with fire flowing through Jackson's veins and just the right level of nudity covered with some body-paint.

So it's absolutely understandable that Jackson wanted to push the limits of Buzzfeed's thirst tweets as well. Fans found it adorable how the artist kept complaining that the comments sent to him were just too nice and repeating that he is 'looking for something that goes beyond extreme'. Yet all he got were romantic fantasies and somewhat mild hungry suggestive tweets, leaving him quite disappointed and fandom demanding for a repeat performance. These thirst tweets, apparently, weren't uncomfortable enough.

"Just watched Buzzfeed thirst tweets with Hanbin and Jackson and their reactions couldn't be more different Jackson was flirting right back and was disappointed the tweets aren't crazier while Hanbin was dying of embarrassment lmao," – @lilicat_m

Meanwhile, Kim Hanbin seemed like he regretted a decision to star in his video. His worldwide-viral new release 'BTBT' (feat. DeVita) had a mesmerizing dance performance and sensual lyrics, exploring the feeling of that chemistry that happens when you meet your true lover, so breathtaking they make you stagger and lose yourself.

But turns out, B.I still underestimated his fans as they showed him they know all about making love in many different creative ways. What started off as romantic and cute comments, like in Jackson Wang's video, quickly went from 0 to 100, leaving the artist blushing, puzzled and dizzy. He even admitted that he has never ever heard such comments made in his native language, Korean. Yet he bravely went through the whole list of unimaginable and thirsty pick-up lines. Hopefully, he will go on about his life without being further traumatized by his own fandom.

"I love how Jackson got light tweets & he wanted people to be dirty and then Hanbin getting 50 shades of grey type of stuff & you can see he was dying inside & out i love the thirst tweets readings." – @PeachBobaQueen

After such a striking difference between two videos, fans joked Jackson Wang and Kim Hanbin should've definitely switched their thirst tweets. Although, isn't it more hilarious when artists meet with an unexpected side of fans' love?