Fans Still Salty Over Harry Potter Movies Missing the Mark on Ron's Best Trait

Fans Still Salty Over Harry Potter Movies Missing the Mark on Ron's Best Trait
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It is not an uncommon opinion in the Harry Potter fandom that the movie adaptations did not do Ron Weasley justice.

If in the books Ron also sometimes appeared to be the least important member of the main trio, in the movies that vibe got so much worse.

And how that happened?

Well, the movies, coincidentally or not, skipped several events which demonstrated Ron's most prominent virtues – courage and devotion to his friends.

Remember how in The Prisoner of Azkaban Ron literally and figuratively stood up to Sirius Black, even though one of Ron's legs was broken so badly that it "stuck out at a strange angle", declaring: "If you want to kill Harry, you'll have to kill us too!"

At that point in the book Sirius Black was only known to the main trio as a condemned murderer and Voldemort's accomplice, and his unhinged behavior was not exactly giving the kids any reasons to doubt that. Remember how in The Deathly Hallows Ron begged Bellatrix to torture him, instead of Hermione, while knowing perfectly well that Bellatrix had tortured Neville's parents into insanity?

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Well, if you only watched the movies, you don't, because they've omitted those moments.

And this is really unfortunate, because Ron's character could only properly shine in moments like this – he was not particularly talented or smart, he was not especially good at any form of magic, he was not destined to face the main villain, but he could do his best to protect his friends.

Without that aspect, he slid closer not only to being a supporting character, but a supporting character, who's not very likeable, who just lucked out to attach himself to Harry and Hermione when they first entered Hogwarts.

To be fair, again, even before the movies there were those who deemed him a third wheel, plus many more who wanted him to be less important and hated the fact that he ended up with Hermione. But, as it seems, the movies greatly increased the number of people with such opinions.

So, some Harry Potter fans are, understandably, still salty about the movies missing the mark. But alas, what's done is done.