Fans Find TREASURE Ruining Group's Hierarchy Hilarious

Fans Find TREASURE Ruining Group's Hierarchy Hilarious
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This might also be the most wholesome era of this K-pop group so far.

Treasure has just released their THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO album with Hello as a title track. They came to 1theK Originals to promote their comeback on entertaining shows, and fans already noticed how more chill and relaxed everyone behaves. Treasure's members aren't rookies anymore, and with each comeback they grasp the idol 's presence better.

The 4cut is a show's segment where K-pop idols have to take parts singing a song while staying on the watch for a mission. Following this mission, artists should quickly pose in a certain way to take a photo, and then they will disqualify and punish members who failed to appear on camera or do the named mission.

Treasure started playing the 4cut game with adorable kindergarten kids' attitude. The youngest of the group, Jungwoo, even had to step up and explain rules to others, leading the game's organisation.

In Korea, even if you are friends, the importance of knowing everyone's age is undeniable. Be it a few weeks or months of an age gap, if someone was born in the previous years, he should still be considered as 'hyung', a senior. The role of 'maknae', the youngest of the group, assumes you'll be helping more older members, treating them with respect and often run even the craziest errands if they ask. The oldest of the group are usually addressed politely, they act like parents of the team. Even though nowadays young adults in Korea decide on forgoing the strict hierarchy more and more, only close friends can easily disregard the age gap.

Few K-pop groups are bold enough to throw away idol's image and disregard the social hierarchy, one of the prominent examples is iKON from the same agency as Treasure, with their 'evil maknae on top' Jung Chanwoo, 'bratty maknae' Koo Junhoe and 'mini hyung, crybaby' oldest Kim Jinhwan. Considering how well-known iKON are for their chaotic variety shows, it seems like Treasure might've taken their senior group as a role model and formed a close bond without any limitations among themselves as well.

Right from the start, everyone in Treasure decided to disqualify the oldest and one of two leaders Hyunsuk for not being cute enough. According to the failed mission, they forced him to do aegyo and kept teasing him about his funny face expressions throughout the whole game. As he got eliminated, Hyunsuk acted hurt and called other members cold-hearted, who didn't even bat an eye and felt no remorse.

Jaehyuk: "As he's (leader) about to be disqualified, he lets others get disqualified. This is what society is like".

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When he returned with a plush costume binding his movement, his teammates eagerly used this as an advantage to play with their oldest member more. Fans laughed at the bold attitude of younger members and admired Hyunsuk for patiently indulging his friends in their chaotic games. Still, Jungwoo and Hyunsuk did manage to get their revenge in the next rounds, though, messing up the photo game with their big costumes and dragging away members from the camera.