Famous Comic Book Store Is Actually TBBT Most Accurate Thing Ever

Famous Comic Book Store Is Actually TBBT Most Accurate Thing Ever
Image credit: CBS

Stuart’s geeky business is the only one to rely on in the entire show.

Throughout its impressive TV run of more than ten years, The Big Bang Theory has always followed that cute sitcom tradition of finding one simple place that would eventually become the lead characters’ hangout spot.

Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment may have been a more frequent choice for them and their friends to stay in, but there was another significant place that always tempted the characters due to their shared hobby, and the famous location has in fact no flaws compared to most of the show’s storylines.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for The Big Bang Theory’s long-standing fans to recognise that Stuart’s comic book store over the course of the plot has got a much bigger importance and has somehow gone through a lot to deserve being considered a separate character.

Ironically enough, the store with superhero stories in it got much more attention from the show’s creators that didn’t even care that much about all the inconsistencies that The Big Bang Theory eventually got.

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Though it’s not something that a regular viewer might catch, some of the fans noted that all the comics in Stuart’s store actually corresponded to what was in demand during a particular year that one or another season took place in. What’s even more striking, the shop’s stock had been constantly changed, even though everyone in there was surely aware that viewers wouldn’t be that attentive to comic books whatsoever.

Still, it’s not the end of all the interesting details that Stuart’s store always had as the comics choice didn’t depend exclusively on the year of one of the seasons’ release. Produced by Warner Bros., The Big Bang Theory made sure to put mostly DC comics on the store’s front, as the superhero studio is part of the Warner Bros. conglomerate.

As expected, the comic books of DC’ biggest rival, Marvel, are almost never seen on the store’s shelves.