Fallout Season 2's Main Antagonist May Not Be Vault-Tec, and Here's Why

Fallout Season 2's Main Antagonist May Not Be Vault-Tec, and Here's Why
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While Vault-Tec is clearly evil, there’s a good chance a different organization will be S2’s Big Bad — the one we’ve already seen.

Vault-Tec is central to Fallout ’s Great War and post-apocalyptic Wasteland’s reality. As we learned in Season 1, it was Vault-Tec who suggested dropping the first nuke to provoke a massive nuclear conflict between the US and China, and they were the ones to benefit from it. Cooper’s flashbacks support the claim, too: if there is a main antagonist, then it’s the evil corporation Vault-Tec.

But some hints suggest that we may have overlooked the real Big Bad that’s going to come for the main characters far quicker than Vault-Tec ever could.

There’s Someone Powerful Behind Vault-Tec

No corporation, no matter how powerful, can do the things Vault-Tec did without the support of someone powerful in the government. The Ghoul also referenced it by saying that “there’s always somebody behind the wheel” in the finale — and that he intends to find them. In the Fallout lore, only one faction falls under the criteria.

The Enclave.

While we’ve been assuming that Hank MacLean took off to find his Vault-Tec bosses, it may still hold true — but perhaps, it’s the true masters of the Old America he seeks. The Enclave used to be the Deep State even before the Great War, and as the world plunged into chaos, this faction’s power only grew, turning into the most evil and formidable opponent for anyone who isn’t sided with them.

Here’s Why the Enclave May Be Involved

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First and foremost, there was borderline no reason to bring the Enclave back if it’s not going to play an important role in the story. In the video games, this faction was seemingly defeated in Fallout 3, but the TV show specifically revealed that the Enclave is still alive, kicking, and doing pretty well, with secret laboratories, an army, and military facilities at their disposal.

Second, the Cold Fusion technology was stolen from the Enclave in the first place — and now, it’s in the hands of the Brotherhood of Steel. These two organizations have been mortal enemies since the dawn of time, and while it only made sense for the Enclave to try and retrieve what’s theirs in the first place, they’ll be far more eager to do so to undermine the Brotherhood.

Last but not least, the Enclave being the Ultimate Big Bad is the staple of the Fallout franchise. If they’re here, they’re going to do something terrible. We just know it.