Ever Wondered Why Everyone On Gilmore Girls Talks So Fast? There Is A Reason

Ever Wondered Why Everyone On Gilmore Girls Talks So Fast? There Is A Reason
Image credit: The CW

That’s the show you’ll need to have your subtitles on.

While there are many series that genuinely struggle to fit into the episode timeslots, every showrunner tries to fix this issue differently. Some tend to include more two-part episodes united by the same arc, while others have to cut a few scenes here and there to release them later on DVD’s.

Gilmore Girls ’ method of fitting into tight 40 minutes of one episode was quite exceptional. Instead of cutting the dialogue or scenes from the script, the show producers were insistent on cast members saying their lines in a very fast and upbeat manner.

If you ever thought that Gilmore Girls’ characters sound like they are sped up x1.5 at all times, it’s because they basically were.

As it turned out later, the cast was even trained by a professional on set, who made sure they can speak faster without sacrificing neither the volume of their voices, nor pronunciation.

As the dialogue coach himself, George Bell, revealed in a behind-the-scenes interview, the scripts for Gilmore Girls were usually around 15 pages longer than the scripts for any other show. This, however, is not that unusual for the show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to do, as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel faced the same challenge.

“With the speed of delivery the actors have to use while saying the lines, they decided they need to bring in someone just to help the actors and make it a little bit easier,” he recalled being invited to the set.

The cast and crew of the show clearly found Bell’s presence to be very helpful, as the fans of the show are still wondering how this speed of delivery is even possible. Besides, the dialogue coach was invited to partake in the filming process himself, as he appeared in Gilmore Girls’ universe as Yale’s Professor Bell.

Luckily for those who watch the show today, there’s an option to turn subtitles on at every streaming platform. If you want to rewatch Gilmore Girls today and see how many witty jokes you might’ve missed, you can go ahead and stream the show on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.