Evangeline Lilly's Brutally Honest Reaction to Lost Leaves Fans Divided

Evangeline Lilly's Brutally Honest Reaction to Lost Leaves Fans Divided
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Lost was a multi-award-winning show that became a must-see for pretty much everybody when it first aired in September 2004. But later seasons divided fans.

At its peak, Lost was pulling in around 16 million viewers per episode. In its final two seasons, this figure fell to around 10 million.

And when Evangeline Lilly (who played Kate Austen in all 6 seasons) criticised her acting in the early seasons of the show, Reddit users were once again divided in their opinions.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Lilly described how the cast of Lost would get together to watch the show.

"We would have 'Lost' parties where the cast would get together to watch the show, and when it would be a Kate-centric episode, I would want to curl in a hole and die because I knew I was bad.

And I still to this day will stand by the fact that I can watch the first couple seasons and I cringe because I'm not very good."

Responding to the actor's comments, a fan posted that Lilly had "a lot of screen presence" and seemed to be a fan of Kate.

Others were less positive in their views. One user described Lilly's acting as "Ok", but at least said it "didn't ruin the show".

But there were also some pretty scathing reviews of Lilly's acting. "At least she's getting paid", wrote one viewer.

Another was critical of the actor's words in the interview, accusing her of "biting the hand that fed her and made her B list career", adding that her career is now, in the opinion of the user, "very much over".

There were also comments that male viewers "didn't give a…damn" about Lilly's acting ability. A view that was backed up by others who described her as "extremely hot" and said her looks "helped cover up her bad acting".

On the flip side, some fans said they thought Lost was the highlight of her career. One described her acting in the show as "more natural and relaxed", while another posted that Lilly has "never been as good as she was in Lost".

On the podcast, Lilly went on to say that she felt her acting got better after season 3. And she certainly indicated that she's generally happy with the standard of her acting since.

One Redditor, though, disagrees, saying it's "bold of her to assume she's improved".