Dwayne Johnson Turned Down The Role In Iconic $4B Franchise For The Movie No One Remembers

Dwayne Johnson Turned Down The Role In Iconic $4B Franchise For The Movie No One Remembers
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Well, it's not like The Rock has a shortage of iconic franchises under his belt anyway, but this one could have been a great addition.

Dwayne Johnson began his career in wrestling, gradually moved into the world of cinema and became one of the most recognizable actors of our time.

The actor won the hearts of the viewers with his limitless charisma. Johnson has many outstanding roles in commercially successful movies, but it turns out there might be one more.

Dwayne revealed that Transformers: Age of Extinction director Michael Bay had originally intended to see him in the movie, but Johnson's contractual obligations with the the Hercules project ruined all plans.

The Transformers movie featured an inventor named Cade. The role of Cade was played by Mark Wahlberg, and it was the very role that Johnson was originally offered.

The Transformers franchise began in 2007 directed by Michael Bay. The first installment grossed an impressive $709 million at the box office, while the third and fourth movies crossed the $1 billion mark.

The series has grossed a total of $4.8 billion.

At the same time, the project that forced Dwayne to turn down a role in a successful franchise wasn't going so well.

According to the plot, Hercules, the mighty son of Zeus, king of the gods, has lost his family after performing all 12 labors and now finds solace only in bloody battles.

Over the years, he gathers six warriors, for whom the only meaning of life is battle and the presence of mortal danger. The Thracian King Cotys hires these warriors to train his soldiers and make them the strongest and greatest army of all time.

The movie grossed quite decent $244 million at the box office but received controversial viewers' reviews.

The only thing that stood out in the movie was some spectacular action (which had quite a lot of blood and gore for a PG-13 movie).

The actors were also chosen for their charisma, even if most of them had to play walking functions instead of characters.

Considering how successful Dwayne Johnson is, he is unlikely to regret missing out on the Transformers role.

However, it is very easy to imagine him surrounded by alien giant robots... oh the Cade we lost.