Does Netflix Lowkey Regret Killing Eddie Munson Off in 'Stranger Things'?

Does Netflix Lowkey Regret Killing Eddie Munson Off in 'Stranger Things'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

These guys had one job.

It looks like Netflix is fully committed to Eddie Munson's tributes now that it's been two weeks after 'Stranger Things ' fans had to bid adieu to one of this season's most beloved characters.

Judging by the amount of posthumous love that Eddie received from the official social media accounts of both Netflix and 'Stranger Things', fans immediately decided that the studio executives are having second thoughts about having killed the leader of the Hellfire Club.

Most recently, the 'Stranger Things' account shared a video unveiling a large field picture of Joseph Quinn 's character, captioning it with "eddie, this one's for you". According to Tudum, the field art is located in Indiana, created by earthwork artist Stan Herd.

Before that, there was a large Netflix poster that simply read "Eddie Freaking Munson". The amount of nods that Eddie receives has got fans thinking that the showrunners are now brainstorming on how to have him back on the show.

"They 100% weren't prepared for how popular Eddie would've become. Now they realized it and probably realized the character is a gold mine. Hopefully they've been brainstorming ideas on how to revive him." – @Turin_LotR.

Eddie indeed turned into one of the season's fan favorites, with his death breaking the hearts of many people. Joseph Quinn, who portrayed the character, seems to have become a new Internet darling, with even rapper Doja Cat admitting to having a crush on him (even though a certain 'Stranger Things' cast member has kinda forced her to).

Besides, there are plenty of fan theories offering multiple ways to bring Eddie back – from resurrecting him as a vampire from 'Dungeons & Dragons' to declaring him one of Dr. Brenner's mentees. So, Netflix… do you copy?