Does Eric Kripke Hate 'Star Wars'?

Does Eric Kripke Hate 'Star Wars'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Someone is certainly not okay with Disney's handling of the iconic franchise.

'Star Wars ' fans have enjoyed a lot of new projects recently, but not everyone is fond of the way they handle the story and the beloved characters. And it seems that there is at least one Amazon showrunner who is ready to agree with the critics.

Speaking to Vulture, 'The Boys ' creator Erik Kripke was initially discussing his show, particularly the decision to make Soldier Boy – spoiler alert! – Homelander's biological father. But then Kripke went on to suddenly take a dig at the current state of the iconic franchise.

"It's really a shame that Star Wars turned into such a huge failure because no one liked it and it continues to fail and be obscure because everyone hates the family stuff," Kripke said, addressing the 'Star Wars' issue of its universe feeling small because of everyone being related to each other.

Well… ouch!

This might be coming from someone who actually took inspiration from 'Star Wars', with fans noting that Kripke has frequently used plots from the franchise in his own storytelling.

While not shying away from the 'Star Wars' classics, it appears that Kripke might not have enjoyed new things like 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ' and other Disney- produced shows based on the beloved universe.

Even if Kripke is indeed frustrated with the path 'Star Wars' is on right now, he is definitely not alone. Despite many fans being happy with the wave of new content they receive, a lot of people continue to insist that this has to be about quality, not quantity. Recent 'Star Wars' projects, particularly 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' that wrapped on June 22, have faced a lot of criticism.

Still, that does not prevent Disney from announcing even more projects, embracing both big and small screens, and offering live-action alongside the animation.