Disney Condemned For Overpriced 'Star Wars' Drink on Its Cruise Ship

Disney Condemned For Overpriced 'Star Wars' Drink on Its Cruise Ship
Image credit: Legion-Media

Are you ready to get a loan for just one drink? Yep, neither are fans.

What can one do with $5,000? We don't know what's on your bucket list, but Disney apparently believes that a 'Star Wars '-themed cocktail with such a price tag might be a good way to spend these bucks.

Yes, you are not wrong: there is a cocktail on Disney's cruise ship that costs $5,000. It is titled "Kaiburr Crystal', and, according to the leaked menu, it is "the galaxy's rarest and valuable cocktail". The menu does not give any insight at what could be included in such a valuable drink.

A reporter has shared a video of what appears to be the serving process.

Fans are fuming over its astronomic price, with even the boldest recipe guesses being not enough to justify it.

"What the heck kind of booze is in it?! And yes, I know about the container thing, but even that thing would maybe be a couple hundred bucks tops, so it must be the alcohol that's making it so expensive." – @reylo_memes.

Indeed, what can a $5,000-worth cocktail do for its price to be reasonable? At the very least, it has to immediately grant one with the Force.

Some people, albeit dedicated 'Star Wars' fans, appear to have chosen their alternatives. "Pepsi better and it costs $4999 less," as @Erickin28 put it.

Seriously, many people came up with very decent ways to spend $5,000 instead of buying an overpriced Disney cocktail, no matter how swanky it looks.

"Even if I had Oprah's kind of money to burn, I'd never waste $5000 on a stupid, gimmicky drink. I'd rather give that $5,000 to a family who needs it." – @Louisiana_Cat.

While there might be some wealthy 'Star Wars' fans who could (and would) afford "Kaiburr Crystal", regular people slammed Disney for becoming "out-of-touch", with the $5,000 drink being the clearest illustration.