Director of Henry Cavill's Highlander Reboot Shares Exciting News About Their Progress

Director of Henry Cavill's Highlander Reboot Shares Exciting News About Their Progress
Image credit: Legion-Media

Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick, is very excited about his next project with Henry Cavill. So excited, in fact, that the direct quote is, “that’s f*cking cool!”

Chad Stahelski is an absolute unit of a director, to be honest with you. While relatively new to directing, he managed to manifest his creative energy into the now-iconic John Wick franchise — and it was his very first creation! While Keanu Reeves ’s badass action series is not over yet, Stahelski is already planning ahead.

One of the projects the prodigy director is working on is the reboot of Highlander — a fantasy franchise about immortal warriors hunting and fighting each other to increase their own power. This franchise was popular back in the 1980s and 1990s but died off over time… Now, director Stahelski wants to not just reboot but fully revive it.

While few details are known about the current progress of Highlander’s pre-production, the most exciting part is that Henry Cavill has already confirmed he’d be part of Chad Stahelski’s cast. The Superman actor is just about as excited about this project as the John Wick director, and they’re certain to create a masterpiece.

"We have ideas for days about how to make the coolest characters and to make that an epic TV show. I just think that's a rich, rich mythology. When you can pick any period in time, any nationality, any culture, any type of person and make them an immortal that have to duel and deal with the burden of immortality, thats f*cking cool to me,” director Stahelski told The Digital Spy.

Both he and Cavill are diving deep into the mythology and lore of Highlander to make sure they respect the source material and integrate their version into the already-existing series and movies rather than simply make a standalone project.

"My take on it would be to somehow maintain the vibe and mythology and feeling of the first movie. Not go off the rails with too much plot, and really develop the world of the immortals. <...> I want to be invested in the immortal world and hold true to the original as much as I can,” the director explained.

Well, we don’t know about you but we’re genuinely excited about this project and can only wish the best of luck to both Chad Stahelski and Henry Cavill in their quest to revive this once glorious franchise. With their experience, these two can make it a truly unique and special experience, and we can’t wait to watch what they make of it.

Source: The Digital Spy