Did You Know Lavender Brown From Harry Potter Is A Comedian Now?

Did You Know Lavender Brown From Harry Potter Is A Comedian Now?
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If you’ve lost track of Jessie Cave’s career after her role of Lavender Brown in the Harry Potter movies, you can find her on the stage of London’s elite stand-up clubs.


  • Many child actors from the Harry Potter franchise went under the radar after the last movie was released.
  • Jessie Cave portrayed Lavender Brown, the Golden Trio’s classmate and Ron Weasley’s ex-girlfriend.
  • After Harry Potter, Jessie Cave decided to pursue the career of a stand-up comedian in the UK.

The Harry Potter franchise drastically changed the life paths of all the child actors who starred in it. Some of them continued conquering the movie industry; others turned their attention to other creative jobs; and others yet seemingly vanished from fans’ radars. Today, we’re catching up with Jessie Cave, the Lavender Brown star.

Lavender Brown Wasn’t The Most Fan-Loved Character

For starring in the iconic franchise, Jessie Cave didn’t get the best role: in the movies, she portrayed Lavender Brown, the Golden Trio’s classmate from Gryffindor and Ron Weasley’s girlfriend during their sixth year at Hogwarts. While a rather minor character, Lavender Brown became unreasonably hated by Harry Potter fans.

Many Potterheads despised Lavender for being, well, a teenage girl — namely, loving her first-ever boyfriend and displaying her affection for him. Character issues aside, Jessie Cave did an amazing job at portraying Ms. Brown in the movies; even though fans hated her on-screen alter-ego, it wasn’t due to her lack of acting skills.

Jessie Cave Has Become A Stand-Up Comedian

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If you, like us, have completely lost track of Cave after the finale of the Harry Potter series, worry not: the actress is still out there doing what she loves… But she’s not an actress anymore. For the past years, Jessie Cave has been pursuing a comedian’s career: she writes her own jokes and performs them in stand-up clubs.

You’ll hardly recognize the movie Lavender Brown in this charming now-thirty-six-year-old woman that jokes about her anxiety, antisocial habits, and unfortunate first romantic experiences from the stage of the Soho Theatre in London, but it’s still her.

She still talks really fast, has the air of nervous excitement about her, and even wears a piece of lavender jewelry in the form of a flower-shaped ring.

You can watch one of Jessie Cave’s archive comedy specials from Soho Theatre here and catch-up with good old Lavender Brown after all these years.