Did You Catch a Dean Reference in The Winchesters' Episode Titles?

Did You Catch a Dean Reference in The Winchesters' Episode Titles?
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15 years of Supernatural are worth dozens of Easter eggs in The Winchesters now.

The first episode of The Winchesters aired on October 11, 2022, and we've got to see the familiar, beloved face of Dean Winchester. At the end of the pilot, Dean leans on the Baby, writing in his journal, and says, "[…] I'll explain everything. And until then I'll keep picking the music," and then starts the Baby and drives away. And since the next 5 episodes' titles were revealed, we sure can tell that Dean kept his promise, and he's the one who is picking the music – just like in good old days back on Supernatural.

The Winchesters episodes 2 through 5 now have titles, and they are classic rock song titles. Let's dig in and see what we've got so far.

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The second episode, which aired on October 18, is titled Teach Your Children Well, and it is a reference to a country soft rock single by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Yong released in 1970. This episode seems to be circling around the parent-child theme, when "Mary follows a trail from her father that points to the disappearance of a teenage boy in Topeka."

The third episode is titled You're Lost Little Girl, which is a song by The Doors released in 1967. IMDB helps us to get the correlation with an explanation of how "Mary's next-door neighbor mysteriously goes missing, she and John start digging into the disappearance. During their investigation, John unexpectedly reunites with someone from his past."

The fourth episode's title is Masters of War, and it shares the name with a Bob Dilan song released in 1963. This episode's IMDB description seems to hint at John's past (being fresh back from the war) and perhaps, at us learning something interesting about Carlos:

"After the details of a veteran's death don't add up, Carlos brings everyone in to investigate and he shares a detail about his past that makes John see him in a new light."

Episodes 5 and 6 don't have descriptions yet, but we do know that ep. 5 is titled Daydream Believer, and it's a song by The Monkees released in 1968, and ep.6 is titled Art of Dying (something we know the Winchester brothers sure mastered), and it's George Harrison's song from 1970.

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Those picks are easy to imagine being on Dean's cassettes, and some of the fans noticed that too. "Of course they are [song titles], Dean's picking the music," says one of the Redditors. "The titles have me stoked," admits another comment, and we couldn't have agreed more.