Did Noah Schnapp Really Set Joseph Quinn Up With Doja Cat?

Did Noah Schnapp Really Set Joseph Quinn Up With Doja Cat?
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The art of sliding into one's DMs.

Perhaps the most chaotic thing of the week has happened on social media: rapper Doja Cat seemed to have reached out to Noah Schnapp ( Will Byers on 'Stranger Things ') to have him set her up with Joseph Quinn, his fellow cast member playing Eddie Munson.

How do even know that? Oh, Schnapp has generously shared a TikTok with a screenshot of his messages with Doja. Their exchange started with "Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu [hit me up]" from Doja, only for her to quickly clarify whether Quinn has a girlfriend.

"LMAOO slide into his dms," Schnapp responded.

Doja then said she doesn't know Quinn's Instagram or Twitter, with Noah benevolently sharing Joseph's recently-created Instagram profile with her, saying "Right here ma'am".

The rest is a mystery. But even this short exchange has caused waves on Twitter, with people dying to know how things worked out. Did Doja go for it? Did Quinn respond?

Well, at least we do know that the rapper is now following Quinn on Instagram.

And, most importantly, did Noah even make sure that Doja is okay with him sharing the screenshot?

Even though some people want to believe that Noah approved his TikTok with Doja, many still criticized him for sharing the screenshot of private messages – even though the rapper seemed to have already publicly complimented Quinn. In Noah's short clip, the DMs screenshot is preceded by an outtake from Twitter where Doja is asked to appreciate how "fine" Quinn is, to which the rapper responded with "it's f**king criminal".

Joseph, who just launched his Instagram in the wake of 'Stranger Things 4' premiere, has not commented on the "set-up", and neither did Doja. But who knows what's going to happen?..