Did May Calamawy Just Confirm Her Character Will Return in Future MCU Projects?

Did May Calamawy Just Confirm Her Character Will Return in Future MCU Projects?
Image credit: Legion-Media

There has been no official information regarding the return of any character from 'Moon Knight' in any capacity, but it's becoming clear that their story is not over.

Creators of 'Moon Knight ' deliberately kept Scarlet Scarab's powers as vague as they could so there would be an opportunity to address them later, actress May Calamawy told The Inverse.

Calamawy's Layla Al-Fouli embraces the powers of Scarlet Scarab in the final episode, but we don't know exactly what those powers are.

"It's funny because I wanted all his powers," the actress recalls. "He can zap strength from the different people he's fighting and take their powers. He can fly. I was like, "Guys, I want all of this!" I think they purposely wanted to keep Scarlet Scarab's powers a mystery so they could be expanded on."

It appears that 'Moon Knight' creators were keeping in mind that Scarlet Scarab will have to return on screen at some point. In episode 6 on 'Moon Knight', Layla is never actually called Scarlet Scarab, but rather she accepts Taweret's offer to become her avatar.

In the series, the "empowered" version of Layla demonstrates super-human strength and speed, while also being capable of conjuring thin blades from air. Big part of her costume is a pair of golden wings which allow her to fly and also serve as shields.

'Moon Knight' appears to be a limited series, but the finale was stuffed with cliffhangers and hints that the characters might be returning at some capacity in the future MCU projects. However, the studio has remained tight-lipped about what the future holds for both Oscar Isaac 's Moon Knight and May Calamawy's Layla/Scarlet Scarab.