Deadpool 3: Reynolds vs. Jackman Fight to Death Can Only End One Way

Deadpool 3: Reynolds vs. Jackman Fight to Death Can Only End One Way
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Fans have been waiting for the fight between the two high-regeneration blade masters for years, but honestly? Its results are way too predictable.

Marvel loves its tip-toeing around the brutalities of this world.

It's not everyone's style, so no one was surprised when Deadpool became such a popular franchise with its R-rated brutal scenes, questionable humor, and other sequences that would never find a place in other MCU franchises like Avengers.

Unfortunately, Deadpool was always supposed to be a trilogy, and with the next installment, the tale of the Merc with a Mouth will be concluded. Seeing how Deadpool 3 will be the grand finale, it has to fulfill fans' biggest dreams and expectations — and we're convinced that's what the movie aims to do.

Especially, since Wolverine is now known to be part of Deadpool 3.

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Marvel fans have been striving to see a fight between Deadpool and Wolverine for years now and for a good reason. Both these mutants have insane regeneration, and they're both true blade-wielding masters of close-quarter combat. After it was announced that Hugh Jackman would join the movie, we knew this was coming.

Thanks to the nature of the two characters' abilities and the nature of the Deadpool franchise itself, the fight between Reynolds and Jackman has all chances to be the most brutal and unhinged action sequence in the entirety of the MCU. The rating of the movie allows for proper bloodshed, and the characters can battle for a long time.

But it has quite a predictable finale, though, doesn't it?

Thanks to the insane regeneration of both Wolverine and Deadpool, the two will likely battle it out for the longest time and have a ton of great action moments…but in the end, they'll just agree to a draw. There's no point in their fight since they can't really kill each other, so a draw's the only possible result for their duel.

Sorry if this upsets you, but the finale of the highly-anticipated Wolverine vs. Deadpool fight is set in stone. At least, we can be sure it will be an amazing sequence. There's an entire Hugh Jackman involved, after all.