Deadpool 3 Could Be a Sequel To A Now-Iconic X-Men Movie

Deadpool 3 Could Be a Sequel To A Now-Iconic X-Men Movie
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Are you excited to see X-Men finally joing the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If you are, this fan theory will melt your heart.

All we currently know about the upcoming Deadpool 3 which will premiere in the autumn of 2024 is that Hugh Jackman will return to his iconic role as Wolverine. Jackman joining the MCU was teased by Ryan Reynolds on his social media channels and became a piece of very exciting news for both X-Men and MCU fans.

This tiny detail was enough for fans to start theorizing about how the new installment in the Deadpool franchise will fit into the X-Men timeline. And one fan has a very believable theory that Deadpool 3 will actually serve as a sequel to one of the best X-Men movies, Days of Future Past.

A Redditor HandBanana666 noted that the events of Logan where Wolverine dies happen in 2029, so Deadpool 3 will for sure take place sometime earlier.

Besides, both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman said that the events of Deadpool 3 happen long before Logan. Since the third Deadpool franchise installment will be released in 2024, it is only natural to assume that the events of the movie will happen around the same time.

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Meanwhile, in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine travels from the year 2023 to 1973 to change his present, so it is implied that he returns to an alternate version of 2023. All these calculations could only mean that Deadpool 3 would be a sequel to Days of Future Past, taking place a year after Logan's time travel.

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Besides the timeline reasoning, the Redditor gives real-life facts that also prove his theory. It was reported by THR in the spring of 2019 that Kevin Feige met with several members of the original X-Men as the Disney- Fox deal was being finalized. And Ryan Reynolds recently told Variety that he had pitched a Deadpool/Wolverine movie to Kevin Feige around the same time.

So it is very possible that Deadpool 3 was chosen as an entry point to the MCU not only for Wolverine but for other X-Men characters seen in Days of Future Past.

It is too early to say if the theory will become reality, considering the frivolous attitude of the X-Men franchise to its multiple timelines. But Marvel's intent to capitalize on the X-Men fans' nostalgia can't be denied and makes this theory very plausible.