DC Launches New The Flash Project Without Ezra Miller After The Movie's Disastrous Flop

DC Launches New The Flash Project Without Ezra Miller After The Movie's Disastrous Flop
Image credit: Warner Bros.

As “the greatest superhero movie of all time” turned out to be a massive box office bomb, DC already chose its new Scarlet Speedster — and the new project is in the works.

The Flash with Ezra Miller was promised to become the new golden standard for the superhero movie industry, and instead, it just proved the old golden rule of movie-making: don’t make your marketing budget bigger than the production budget. The box office disappointment that it was, The Flash fell short in all directions.

To make up for this grandiose embarrassment, James Gunn ’s DC found itself a new Scarlet Speedster merely a month after The Flash’s release. The brand-new project is all lined up and is currently in the works, but it’s not your typical live-action.

The new Flash has a fun twist: instead of a movie, DC is preparing… A podcast!

The Flash: Escape The Midnight Circus will entirely rely on voice-acting to immerse the audience into the story that can only be described as “the Speedster doesn’t learn from his mistakes.” You guessed it: in Escape The Midnight Circus, Flash will once again alter the timeline for the sake of fixing his personal matters.

The new story will take place a few years after the events of The Flash and see him try to balance his superhero duties and his relationship with Iris West. As the Speedster inevitably loses Iris, he tries to fix it by going back in time and doing the right thing, but this results in (you guessed it again) some terrible consequences.

In the new version of the future, an event called The Midnight Circus exists, and it’s basically a gladiatorial arena that makes superhumans fight each other to entertain the good folks back home. The Flash will have to take part in the brutal fights and — it’s the third time you guessed it now — escape The Midnight Circus.

For obvious and unobvious reasons, the Flash in the podcast story won’t be played by Ezra Miller. Instead, Max Greenfield will take over the role of Scarlet Speedster, but we doubt that he’ll be the final choice that will transfer into the next live-action movie about Flash… If Gunn ever risks going for that after Miller’s miserable failure.

If you’re curious about the new story, The Flash: Escape The Midnight Circus drops next Monday, July 17, on Apple Podcasts.

Source: The Flash via Twitter