Dark The Boys Theory Suggests a Very Ugly End to All Supes

Dark The Boys Theory Suggests a Very Ugly End to All Supes
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The Gen V spin-off shed light on even more suspicious coincidences that happen to users of Compound V.


  • In the world of The Boys, superpowers come at a price, granted by the so-called Compound V
  • However, throughout the seasons we observed some pretty nasty side effects of the drug
  • The Gen V spin-off led fans to believe that Compound V might be even more deadly than originally thought.

Almost everyone has dreamed of having superpowers at some point in their lives after watching countless superhero movies, cartoons, shows, and reading comic books.

However, The Boys TV series, just like the original comics, showed the dangers of allowing flawed ordinary people to gain absolute power and eventually become corrupted by it.

The use of Compound V, which gives users various superpowers, commercialized the creation of superheroes, most of whom were mere puppets of the Vought company.

Compound V Has Some Pretty Obvious Side Effects

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But it also seems that Compound V, like most drugs, has significant and potentially fatal side effects, which have been discovered by fans.

Throughout the first season of the show, we see A-Train suffer the consequences of abusing the drug, eventually suffering a heart attack that practically ruins his entire life.

At the end of season 3, it's revealed that Billy Butcher's brain has turned into "Swiss cheese" thanks to the use of Temporary V, which made his days numbered, but this can be explained by the fact that Temp V was still in development and the formula hadn't been perfected.

Gen V Introduced Even More Supes On The Verge Of Death

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However, with the release of the Gen V spin-off, even more suspicious coincidences began to pile up.

First, we learned that Tek Knight, who actually has superpowers in the show, unlike his comic book counterpart, suffers from a brain tumor that makes his sex drive uncontrollable.

Then, when Cate Dunlap faints from using her powers on too many people, it is revealed that it is actually causing blood vessels in her brain to burst, which is obviously dangerous and would have led to a fatal outcome if not for Marie's intervention.

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Also, at the end of the spinoff's first season, Polarity, Andre Anderson's father, suffers a seizure caused by brain damage from using his powers, and Andre is advised by doctors to refrain from using his powers as well.

Of course, some supes, like Stormfront and Soldier Boy, have lived for decades and haven't even aged, but so many cases of supes getting brain and other health problems certainly raises questions for fans.

Of course, all of this could just be a coincidence, but maybe we will learn more about Compound V in future seasons of The Boys or Gen V.

Do you think that any form of Compound V, with rare exceptions, will eventually destroy the user's body?

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