Daniel Radcliffe Admits to Reading Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy Fanfics

Daniel Radcliffe Admits to Reading Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy Fanfics
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Who would have guessed that the Harry Potter star indulged himself in reading steamy Drarry fanfiction in his spare time? Definitely not us!


  • Over the years, Harry Potter fans have written more fanfiction than any other fan base in the world.
  • Most fanfics ship different characters together, and Harry and Draco are among the most popular couples.
  • Daniel Radcliffe admitted to having read some Harry x Draco fanfiction during his interview with Vanity Fair.

The Harry Potter franchise has given birth to an overwhelming amount of fanfiction. Potterheads enjoy creating their own stories set in their favorite universe more than any other fans, and it’s official: no other fan base has produced so much fan content, ever. This is an achievement to be proud of, especially if you don’t dive into details.

The details are…less fascinating, considering a large chunk of Harry Potter fanfiction is solely dedicated to shipping unmatchable characters and making them do naughty things that are definitely not allowed on the Hogwarts grounds. But apparently, even Daniel Radcliffe used to read such works about his and Tom Felton ’s characters!

What Is Harry Potter Fanfiction and What’s It About?

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So, you’ve read the books or watched the movies. You’re enchanted, mesmerized, and craving more stories set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World. But there are no more! The Cursed Child was an utter mistake fans don’t even consider canon, and the same goes for the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Is there nothing you can do?

Of course, there is. Seeing how Harry Potter severely lacks official content for such an overwhelmingly popular franchise, fans took matters into their own hands and started mass-producing fanfiction: written works set in the Wizarding World that are created entirely by fans. There are millions of unofficial books for you to read!

Most fanfiction answers a specific “What If” question. What if Sirius Black wasn’t sent to Azkaban? What if Dumbledore was evil? What if there was an original character in the same year as the Golden Trio who served the Gods of Asgard? What if Naruto traveled into the Wizarding World? What if Harry and Draco were a hot couple?

Wait, what?

Yes. The vast majority of fanfiction shows how a relationship between some characters who weren’t together in the original books and movies would’ve looked like and how it would’ve influenced the story. It’s called “shipping,” and there are thousands of weirdest couples — but Harry and Draco are among the most popular.

What Does Daniel Radcliffe of Drarry Fanfiction?

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Seeing how Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter star himself, has always been vocal about being tired of his breakthrough franchise, he’s the last person we would have expected to read Harry Potter fanfiction — let alone, the fanfics that ship his character with Tom Felton’s. But apparently, Radcliffe has indulged himself in them!

“I’m obviously aware there’s a lot of like shipping of Harry and Draco as characters together. So, I’ve read some of that. <...> This is the kind of thing I know from being in a franchise film of which people are funny about,” Daniel Radcliffe told Vanity Fair.

Unfortunately, the actor didn’t elaborate: we bet fans would have loved to hear his opinion on some of the most popular fanfics about Harry and Draco’s romance. Radcliffe preferred to keep his thoughts to himself, for one reason or another, so we might never learn what went through the Harry Potter star’s head as he read them.

Even if you’re not keen on this particular fictional couple but still want to stay in the Wizarding World for a little longer, there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fanfics for your entertainment. All those theories and “What Ifs” you came up with while reading the books or watching the movies? You bet there is a fanfic about that.

Alternatively, you could follow Daniel Radcliffe’s example and study the best Harry x Draco fanfiction has to offer — and try to imagine the actor’s face when he came across the most peculiar scenes.

Source: Vanity Fair via YouTube