Cursed Moment When Supernatural Completely Jumped The Shark (No, Not After S5)

Cursed Moment When Supernatural Completely Jumped The Shark (No, Not After S5)
Image credit: The CW

The iconic СW show Supernatural started in 2005 and ran for whopping 15 seasons.

According to many, it has long overstayed its welcome. The show followed the adventures of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, as they hunted supernatural creatures and saved the world from demons, ghosts, and other monsters.

However, as much as fans love the show, it's evident that the final seasons have lost the spark that made it so captivating in the earlier days.

Supernatural's first five seasons were consistently good and had an overarching storyline which concluded with season 5 finale. Series creator Eric Kripke then left the show, which continued on to have 10 seasons more with other showrunners.

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One might think that it was the exact moment when Supernatural went off the rails, but no. In the first few seasons after Kripke left, the series still managed to be somewhat fun and engaging.

But in the later seasons, the show has definitely jumped the shark, with the final chapters only deemed bearable by the most hardcore fans.

The later season kept on introducing new and bizarre creatures, only making the show's plot even more convoluted.

The basic concept of the show was simple – Sam and Dean hunt supernatural beings – but as new entities like the Leviathans, The Darkness, British Men of Letters, and The Empty were introduced in the later seasons, the show's plot became unnecessarily complex and difficult to follow.

According to fans, season 11 was the last coherent one for Supernatural. The overall stance on seasons 12-15 is that they were "boring," "worn out," and just plain "horrible."

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The fans seem to agree that season 12 was just the worst and that's when it all went downhill "and never recovered," and that "season 11 would've been a great endpoint."

One reason for that is the endless number of apocalypses that just started to feel repetitive at some point.

"I mean, we get like 202882 apocalypses, I can already predict like everything that will happen because they constantly recycle the same things. End of the world-one brother needs to sacrifice himself-they realize the family needs to be put first-repeat," Redditor fakebitch888888 says.

While Supernatural definitely went down in history as one of the most long-running fantasy series out there, and became a cult classic, its lower point will stay with the fans forever. Sometimes, it's better to end things early, huh?