Criminal Minds Is Going Back to Its Origins in a New Season, Showrunner Reveals

Criminal Minds Is Going Back to Its Origins in a New Season, Showrunner Reveals
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And it's going to be the toughest season yet.

Looking back at the beginnings of many procedural dramas, viewers long for the sense of nostalgia that the early seasons bring. Whether it is the more dynamic writing or the original cast, half of which is now gone, fans of any show that crosses the 10-season mark find themselves returning to the earlier episodes.

With CBS' original hit Criminal Minds now in its 17th year, viewers are more prone to nostalgia than ever. The good news is that the writers have embraced this trend and made some choices that are likely to be very reminiscent of the beginning of the drama.

When Will Criminal Minds Season 17 Premiere?

Premiering Thursday, June 6, the new season of Criminal Minds will see the staff of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) face another series of crimes. However, the main danger the team faced in the previous season, Elias Voit, will continue to terrorize them even though he's been caught. This turn of events is what brings the show back to its original premise.

While discussing the new season ahead of its premiere, showrunner Erica Messer teased what it will take for BAU to deal with Voit once and for all. And the fight won't be easy.

“In fact this season we get to play into probably his greatest weapon, which is his mind. He gets to really flex that in front of the team. We’ve never been able to have a killer in custody like this, somebody that we have to consult with. It is an evolution of what our heroes have had to do in the past,” she said.

While the formula of the show has always had the agents focusing on the minds and behaviors of the criminals, lately fans have noticed that it has become more repetitive and less exciting. Now that season 17 is set to take several steps back and return to its origins, it could be one of the best seasons in recent memory.

If you are interested in where the hunt for Elias Voit will take the team next season, be sure to tune in to Paramount Plus on June 6th to catch the two-episode premiere. Until then, you have plenty of time to re-watch last season and refresh your memories of the most important and intriguing moments.

Source: TVLine