Constantine's Cut Subplot Reveals John's Never-Before-Seen Love Interest

Constantine's Cut Subplot Reveals John's Never-Before-Seen Love Interest
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Even busy and brooding occult detectives have time for love.

In the shadowy world of the 2005 supernatural thriller Constantine, the enigmatic and cynical exorcist John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves, is a character who walks a lonely path.

Possessing the unique gift of being able to see and interact with half-angels and half-demons in their true form, John Constantine is a loner and is probably destined to remain one forever.

However, the film's director, Francis Lawrence, had originally envisioned a surprising twist, one that involved a romantic subplot, introducing a love interest for John, a dimension rarely explored in adaptations of Hellblazer, the DC Comics/Vertigo Comics horror comic book series centered on Constantine.

In this intriguing plot twist, the viewers are introduced to John's never-before-seen love interest Ellie, a hybrid demon and succubus who had a romantic relationship with the occult detective. First introduced in 1991's Hellblazer #43, Ellie, also known as Chantinelle, was portrayed in the movie by Michelle Monaghan.

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She was initially intended to provide a new perspective on Constantine's character, offering a glimpse into the detective's capacity for love and connection in a movie primarily focused on the epic battle between Heaven and Hell.

The idea of a romantic relationship for John Constantine was a prominent one, as it marked a departure from the character's usual lonely and brooding persona. It was an element that fans of the comics hadn't seen in previous adaptations, making it a fresh approach to the iconic character.

However, despite the effort put into creating this romantic storyline, director Francis Lawrence ultimately decided to remove it from the final version of the film. He felt that the movie's dark and mysterious atmosphere worked best when Constantine remained a loner, untethered by emotional attachments that could potentially dilute his enigmatic aura.

While the removal of Ellie's character may have been disappointing to both Michelle Monaghan and curious fans, it ultimately served to maintain the overall tone and atmosphere of the film. Constantine went on to receive a generally positive reception, with Keanu Reeves' portrayal of the iconic character receiving widespread critical and fan acclaim.

Although Ellie's story remains untold in the film, it offers a tantalizing glimpse into an alternate narrative — a side of John Constantine that's been rarely explored. While Ellie's character may have been left out of the movie, her existence hints at an intriguing, unexplored facet of John's character that may have a chance to be delved into in the upcoming Constantine 2.