Christopher Nolan's not Even Certain if He Wants to Keep Making Movies

Christopher Nolan's not Even Certain if He Wants to Keep Making Movies
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Is the iconic director going to retire early?

We've all seen those promising series that follow the same train-wreck scenario — they start off amazing and go strong and convincing, but at some point, the creators don't realize they need to stop, and the beautiful thing you've grown to love turns into a complete incoherent mess. Instead of loving it, you end up regretting that you decided to watch the show this far.

Interestingly, the same may happen to the lives of creative people, as some continue to spit out brilliant ideas till the very end, and others just run out of juice — and if they don't realize this in time, their career turns into one of those boring, dragged-out series.

In the movie industry, this rule applies, most of all, to writers and directors, and many professionals are well aware of that. Some, like Quentin Tarantino, are afraid of becoming irrelevant and try their best to surprise viewers with each new production; others, like Martin Scorsese, feel that their life won't be long enough for them to tell all the stories they'd like to tell.

And while Tarantino's solution is his famous "I'll stop after 10 [movies]," and Scorsese's is to keep "racing against the time," Christopher Nolan is not settled on either approach. When asked about which route he would go during his recent interview, the director said that he hadn't made a decision yet.

"I understand both points of view. It's addictive to tell stories in cinema. It's a lot of hard work, but it's very fun. It's something that you feel driven to do, so it's a little hard to imagine voluntarily stopping… I understand wanting to keep a perfect reputation, but also, I kind of don't want to take anything off the table, you know?" Nolan shared.

Fans hope that Nolan, like Scorsese, will realize that he has many more stories to tell to the audience. Or, on the contrary, he could adopt Tarantino's approach and go, "Nah, this wasn't the tenth movie, that didn't count, I'll do one more."

Either way, we'd like the director to stick around for years to come.

Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer premieres in US theaters on July 21, 2023.

Source: ReelBlend Podcast via YouTube