Christopher Lloyd Took Just One Prop From Back To The Future, And His Wife Hates It

Christopher Lloyd Took Just One Prop From Back To The Future, And His Wife Hates It
Image credit: Legion-Media

The well-known and beloved Back to the Future trilogy has made a huge impact on the science fiction genre.

Fans all over the world go crazy over the stories told as if it has not been 37 years since the first movie was released. Many generations grew up watching this incredible trilogy, and each year there are many Martys and Docs running around Comic Con. Trilogy's influence went as far as actually becoming the ground zero for the now-hit show Rick and Morty, where in the very beginning you could guess Rick was a mockup of Doc, and Morty is just spelled differently.

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Many props of these movies inspired merch releases and increases in sales of existing products, and some were even created based specifically on what we see on the screen, like Nike's 2016 limited edition self-lacing shoes. Many die-hard fans have been buying, restoring, and modifying their own DeLoreans, or trying to make their hoverboards actually hover. Via New Atlas, we've learned that in 2021 the original Back to the Future II hoverboard has been sold at auction for $501,200. Not only it was used in the film, but it was also signed by Michael J. Fox himself. Other props of the iconic franchise would be a hot sellers as well.

At this year's NYCC, all the fans were pleased to see the Back to the Future panel with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reuniting. And thanks to the moderator that was curious if actors took any props off of the set for themselves, we now know that Dr. Emmett Brown took a special piece to remember the good times by.

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At first, Doc denied it but later revealed that after they filmed Back to the Future Part III, he took one of the shirts he wore on set. This prop is a practical souvenir, and Lloyd said that he enjoyed it himself he also added that his wife, however, hates the way it looks on him.

We don't know which shirt exactly Christopher Llloyd was talking about, but it might be a little outdated since the movie was set in 1885, and his character has mostly been dressed the part. Anyway, it warms our hearts knowing that the actors are cherishing these movies just as much as the fans, and couldn't help but keep a little piece of the trilogy to themselves.